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Netherlands Places to Visit | Top 15 Cities



The Netherlands, the country below sea level, continues to increase its popularity and host hundreds of tourists every year.
In our article on places to visit in the Netherlands, we bring you together with cities that will warm your heart, fascinating events and the naivety of the country’s culture.

The Netherlands, one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world, is a place that must be seen and met with its culture before you die. Famous for its tulips, bridges, windmills and cheese, the country is among the first in the world with its approach to homosexuality. It is also known for the colourfulness of the entertainment life of the country, each city of which is beautiful, with its streets where the canals connect and its bicycles whizzing on its streets. If you have questions about Netherlands Places to Visit here is the answer.

#1 Netherlands Attractions

At the top of the list;

1- Amsterdam

The city, which is the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the regions that host the most tourists in the country. While even the magical atmosphere of the city is worth seeing, you will find a lot in terms of culture, entertainment and history. Do not forget to take a peaceful bike tour along the canals in the city, where you will be fascinated by its free environment and always colorful nightlife.

Rijk Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark, Red Light District and Anne Frank Museum are just a few of the places you can visit, and we are sure that you will have unforgettable moments in Amsterdam.

2- Arnhem

In the city located in the east of the Netherlands, you can see one of the most beautiful open-air museums in the country. While it is a non-crowded city, there are many historical monuments to see in Arnhem, which has increased its popularity thanks to the notables of the region. II. The magnificent La Grote Kerk, which was damaged in World War II and then rebuilt according to its original form, is just one of them.

3- Delft

You can see many works from Renaissance to Gothic architecture in Delft, which has not spoiled its historical texture since its establishment. As in all cities in the country, the city surrounded by long canals hosts dozens of events in the field of science and art. A nice stroll in the quiet city with magnificent structures such as Prinsenhof Museum, Delft City Hall, Nieuwe Kerk will do you good.

4- Eindhoven

Make sure to make room for a small city, Eindhoven, that will take up one day on your tour of exploring the country. The city, which you can reach by taking the train journey from Amsterdam, stands out with its green nature and culture and art. The city offers you the chance to visit pleasant stops such as Van Abbemuseum, Sint Catharinakerk National Monument, Evoluon Building, Philips Stadium.

5- Giethoorn  

Your trip to Giethoorn, one of the most beautiful villages in the world, will take an important place in your life. You will encounter a village whose spouse you have never seen before. There is no place for any motor vehicle in the village. Transportation is provided by small boats or boats over the canals. You are surrounded by cute houses in green gardens. Add this village away from technology, where peace truly reigns, to your list with capital letters.

6- Gouda

If you are a cheese lover, you should definitely go to the Dutch Cheese Festival held in the cheese city of Gouda. You can taste all kinds of cheese at the stands that open every Thursday from April to August. Be sure to try Gouda cheese, which has made a name for itself in the world. We are sure that it will impress you with its 15th century buildings and regular highways.

 7- Groningen

the northern Dutch city of Groningen; Being at the junction of all roads and canals, it serves as an important trade center. Despite being an industrial city, in a city where tourism is also developing, even the summer months are mildly cool.

The city, which is a great place to explore by bike, has been recognized as the “World Bicycle City” due to its network of bike paths. You can take a look at our article about places to visit in Groningen with its historical buildings, long rivers and unique nature:

8- Haarlem

Haarlem, which you can reach in 10-15 minutes by a train departing from Amsterdam, is a place preferred by those who are considering renting a seasonal house. Because the rental prices are very affordable compared to the whole country.

If you have a crowded travel plan, it would be useful to research the houses in this region. In Haarlem, which will give you an advantage with its proximity to Amsterdam; You can visit the historical Grote Kerk, take a picture with the windmills and get lost in its rich shops.

9- The Hague

The Hague, a department within the city of Den Haag, is the administrative center of the country. Due to this feature, he made the city in which it is located also known by his own name. The city, where the embassies and the Royal Palace are located, draws attention with its small but original architecture. In the city, you can visit museums with impressive collections such as the Louwman Museum, the Gemeente Museum and the Mauritshuis Museum.

10- Leiden

In the Netherlands, the land of canals, another city where you can enjoy a boat ride is Leiden. Walking around the streets connected by wooden bridges and resting in the gardens with a thousand and one kinds of plants are just two of the activities you can do.

You will also find historical and cultural places in the city where you will feel a smile spreading on your face without realizing it.

11- Maastricht

The city in the south of the country, Maastricht, is a hidden ancient city where old walls meet with canals. In the city, where modernity and old tastes come together, many festivals are held in the winter season.

You can unwind in bohemian cafes and restaurants and visit attractions such as the Bonnefanten Museum, Hell’s Gate and Saint Servatius Church.

12- Marken

A peninsula in Lake IJsselmeer will attract your attention with its houses built on poles. Marken is one of the places where you can feel that the whole country lives almost intertwined with the sea. You can spend a calmer and quieter day in the city, which was an independent island at first and then connected to the mainland by filling up.

13- Rotterdam

Known for The Euromast Tower, Rotterdam is scarce in terms of touristic values, but has dozens of activities where you can spend a full day. Although it was a 13th century fishing village, it is now considered one of the most modern cities in the Netherlands.

Festivals held in the Delfshaven region attract visitors from different European countries every year to the city. Besides its famous tower, you can also explore the Kindergic Windmills and the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, which exhibits the works of world-famous painters.

14- Utrecht

In Utrecht, the country’s medieval city, every road to the city center passes over the Rhine. We can say that Ultrecht University, which is thought to be the largest university in the Netherlands, adds a different atmosphere to the city.

In addition to its magnificent museums where archaeological artifacts from the region are exhibited, do not miss out on points such as Dom Tower, Cathari Jneconvent Museum and De Haar Palace.

15- Volendam

Although it is a town that is not preferred by travelers next to popular cities, Volendam is a place that will allow you to travel to a fantastic universe. You can come to the town, where you can take an organic nature trip, by taking a 25-minute drive from Amsterdam. Time will pass very quickly in Volendam with its souvenir shops, delicious fish restaurants and cheese factories.

Check out the Netherlands flights now to watch the colorful tulips watch in the shadow of the windmills. We hope we answered all your questions about Netherlands Places to Visit .

Kenta started his early career as a game developer, after working four years for an Dutch company, he stepped into web research and news technologies and became a web enthusiast, which made him start Kenta loves animals and usually takes part in activities related to animal rights and welfare.

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Visit to Veteran Windmills: Zaanse Schans



Visit to Veteran Windmills: Zaanse Schans

Visit to Veteran Windmills: Zaanse Schans… Amsterdam is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to traveling to the Netherlands, and this is one of the first places to visit in Amsterdam. Zaanse Schans is a place of fairy tale beauty beyond being a town in its own right… It is almost an open-air museum where you can taste the delicious Dutch cheeses, witness cheese making, and meet the village and farm life of the Netherlands.


About 20 km from Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans is connected to the city of Zaandam. There are many alternatives for transportation from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans. You can reach the colorful windmills in just 15-20 minutes with a bus ride that takes approximately 40 minutes, or with the Koog Zaandijk train departing from Amsterdam Centraal Station for those who say they don’t have time. When you come to Zaanse Schans, be sure to get a map and find your route. If you wish, you can also stop by the bike rental point and evaluate the long and short tour options.

History of the Region

When you see the historical windmills and wooden houses, you feel that this place has a history of hundreds of years. The town of Zaanse Schans, one of the first settlements in the Netherlands, was built in the 18th century. Many houses have moved. Until 1993, village houses, farms, windmills, tiny ports and roads were built. In those years, windmills provided water drainage in the Netherlands, most of which was below sea level.

In Zaanse Schans, which had more than a thousand windmills in its time, there are 10 windmills under protection today, each of which is used for different purposes. In addition to paint production, woodworking, oil and cocoa production, you can visit some of the windmills that serve as warehouses for free, and some for a fee.

In Zaanse Schans, which is completely outside our understanding of the “village”, you come across houses with well-kept and glamorous gardens, museums with surprising history, and tiny shops.


Albert Heijn Museum Shop

Amsterdam, you are probably the birthplace of the Albert Heijn grocery chain, which you will see on every corner! This wooden house from that time is a cute place with its furniture and green color that will create a wonderful backdrop for the photos. The entrance to the market, which was established in 1887 and turned into a museum, is free.

Honig Breethuis House

In this house , named after the Honig family who lived here in the 1800s, you have the opportunity to witness the local village life of the Netherlands up close. You can also examine the home decoration from those years with many details.

The Zaanse Time Museum

is a museum that deals with the “clock” culture, which has undergone changes from centuries ago to the present day. Those who are interested in watches should definitely see it.

Zaanse Museum

This is exactly where that delicious chocolate smell comes from! Those who want to take a closer look at the history of biscuit and chocolate should definitely visit.

Bakery Museum

You can visit the historical bakery to learn about Dutch pastries and taste the famous Zaanse Schans bread. Plus, admission is free!

Jisper House

I’ve come this far, and for those who want to have a moment with traditional clothes, fisherman’s cottage Jisper House will be the right address.

Windmill Museum

The museum, which will open again in 2020, contains a lot of information about the windmills in the region and in general.


De Huisman

De Gekroonde Poelenburg

A windmill where you can buy a windmill while enjoying a wonderful view from the terrace floor and tasting all kinds of spices downstairs. 

De Kat

is still one of the most famous mills used in paint production. The entrance fee is 4 Euros to witness the production of paint with the power of the mill and to look at the view from the terrace.

De Zoeker

Mill used in oil, dye and cocoa production.

De Bleeke Dood

The oldest windmill in the Netherlands, not the region. Bakers used to work in this mill to grind flour. In addition to these famous mills that must be visited until Zaanse Schans, there will be other windmills you will see, Het Jonge Schaap, Mini – mills De Ooievaar, De Bonte Hen, De Os.

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Amsterdam Tour – 2 Days Program & Important Informations



Amsterdam Tour– 2 Days Program & Important Informations

Amsterdam Tour– 2 Days Program & Important Informations. Amsterdam is the ideal weekend getaway. When you’re bored, get on a plane, live like there’s no tomorrow. Those who have more time usually prefer to stop Amsterdam in 2 days and see other Dutch cities. That’s why we took a 2-day tour of Amsterdam to tell you how to best visit Amsterdam in 2 days.

First of all, although Amsterdam is not a very big city, many things will remain in the bench. Especially if you come in summer, the taste of the city will probably remain on your palate. Let’s face it, but there is no reason to drink cold water on it, because 2 days is actually not a bad time to both tour the city roughly and hang out like a bit of Amsterdam. If you’ve read our Amsterdam article, don’t be fooled (even if you haven’t, you should definitely read it). Don’t worry, we will not send you home without understanding the general feeling and rhythm of the city. 🙂 That’s why we planned the 1st day as more Amsterdam residents and the 2nd day as tourist attractions.


1. We have prepared the ideal Amsterdam tour program according to our taste, but you may also want to touch up your own tastes.

2. Buy museum tickets online in advance!
All museums in Amsterdam also sell their tickets online. If you don’t want to sneeze, buy tickets ahead of time. We could only include 2 museums in this program: Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum.

3. The most enjoyable way to squeeze a lot into less time is to rent a bike. The way of the mind is one. So your first step is to get a bike. If you ask where to rent, you can get information from our article on Places to Visit in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Tour– 2 Days Program & Important Informations

Day 1 in Amsterdam

For both days, we have released programs that aim to squeeze a lot into less time. By our standards, we think the pace is reasonable. But if you say that I want to spread it during the holiday, you can delete a pen or two from the program.


First of all, pedal for a while to see and enjoy the great canals and the beautiful houses of Amsterdam. Especially if you come across a nice weather, grab a sandwich and sit on any bench you want, watch the boats passing by the canals and the people around and enjoy being in Amsterdam.

Then pedal towards Central Station and try to avoid the Leidsplein and Rembrandtplein areas as much as there are so many tourists there that it can be overcrowded. From there, take the free ferry that crosses the IJ River and docks at NDSM Pier. (Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay extra for your bike either.)


NDSM Pier is where the world’s first gigantic container ships were built. Nowadays, it has become a creative center that artists and galleries prefer and take part in. There is a beach bar called Pllek where you can drink coffee , we can recommend it, it’s a pretty nice place.

Once again, take the ferry, but this time in the direction of Houthavens, not in the direction of Central Station. Enjoy the view of the city as you cruise down the river on the ferry. There are many galleries and cafes in ” Westergasfabriek ” , which used to be a factory, you can take a look at them. This factory is next to Westerpark, one of the most beautiful parks in the city. If you have time, definitely spend time in the park.


As an alternative itinerary, you can cycle east of Amsterdam for about 30 minutes. It may be a good option to stop by Dappermarkt , where you can find the Surinamese dishes we mentioned . You can both taste Surinamese cuisine and visit Dappermarkt.

Then, after this full day, sipping a beer at Brouwerij’t IJ , one of Amsterdam’s most iconic breweries , can be one of the best ways to end the day. Of course, it is useful to be careful about the time, because unfortunately this place closes at 20:00.


We say don’t leave without tasting Amsterdam nightlife. But don’t get carried away too much, a long day awaits you tomorrow.

Day 2 in Amsterdam

Today’s program may seem like it’s zigzagging, but there is a logical reason:
1. We recommend that you visit the Anne Frank House first thing in the morning, since it is possible to enter the Anne Frank House after 15:00 with online tickets and because of the terrifying queues.
2. Anticipating that you might want to spend the evening on Dam Square, which is the heart of everything, we wanted to present a plan that ends here.


9.00 Anne Frank House

The museum, which was the house where she hid from the Nazis with Anne Frank, her father and 6 other Jews between the ages of 10 and 12, is the most anticipated and most striking place in front of Amsterdam. It really gives goosebumps. It opens at 09:00 in the morning, but it’s a good idea to queue at the door half an hour before. Otherwise, you turn your back every 2 seconds, there is a huge queue. As we said above, you must buy your ticket online. You cannot enter the museum after 15:00 with online tickets. The house is small, but it takes 45 minutes to read the articles and listen to the audio guide.

10.15 Rent a boat from MokumBoat and cruise the canals

Please do not visit the canals with touristic tours! Rent your own wand. Very enjoyable!

Pedaling from Anne Frank to Mokum Boat takes no more than 10 minutes. In our opinion, this is the most enjoyable thing to do in Amsterdam: to tour the canals by renting a 4-person battery powered boat. It costs only 6-8 Euros per hour. The renter we recommend to you may be a little higher because others are in this center while they are still out of town. These battery powered boats are incredibly easy to use, no sea experience etc. is required. You just have to be 18 years old. Make sure to bring your music and drink and enjoy it fully. 1 hour will be enough.
Address: Nassaukade 351, 1053 LZ Amsterdam Tel +31 20 210 5700   Click for location .

15 minutes of operations, even if the tour lasts for 1 hour, you will be on your bike again at 11.30. Next up is the Rijksmuseum. Waiting times vary a lot depending on the season. Let’s say you wait in line for 1 hour. The museum will continue for 2 hours. You may be very hungry when you come out. So it might be a good idea to eat beforehand.

Note: Believe me, there is nothing to be afraid of in renting your own boat. But if you say you want a touristic boat tour, there is the departure point of the Blue Boat company opposite the Hard Rock Cafe, 5 minutes walking distance from the Museumplein. From there, take a 75-minute canal tour.


11.40 – 12.40 Meal

There are a lot of food and drink options around, sit down to the one you catch your eye on. But if you want it cheap and fast, there is the fast food chain Febo ( click for location ) and Wok to Walk, which makes Asian food ( click for location ).

12.50 Rijksmuseum

Considering that the queues can be up to 1 hour long, we blocked 3 hours in the form of 1 hour at the door + 1.5 – 2 hours inside. The Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt’s House (Rembrandthuis) are great, must-see places, but unfortunately there was only time on the schedule for one museum, so we had to make a heartbreaking choice and chose the Rijksmuseum. Because the Rijksmuseum is a more comprehensive museum, and if it will sprinkle some water on you, Rembrandt’s works are also on display. For example, Night Watch, one of his famous works, is in this museum. There is no line, you can try to follow Van Gogh.

15.50 I AMsterdam & Museumplein

After leaving the Rijksmuseum, you take a bike tour of the Museumplein. Unfortunately, we do not have time for other museums here. But if you want to make changes, you can get information about other museums here in our Amsterdam Museums article.
If you want to take a photo in the “I AMsterdam article”, it is here. 🙂

16.15 Flower Market

You can see the Flower Market called Bloemenmarkt and buy seeds or souvenirs for your loved ones. There are lots of shops. If you want to try patat, one of the Dutch delicacies, the buffet named “Vleminckx” is here. You can try the patat and its sauces. Also, the surroundings of “Vleminckx” and Bloemenmarkt are full of world-famous chain stores, so don’t waste your time, but keep in mind, this is a street like our Istiklal Avenue.


Dam Square is about 10-12 minutes away from that street, it is very likely that you will find yourself in Dam Square while walking around. There you will see the Nieuwe Kerk and the Royal Palace. De Biejenkorf is a shopping building with a market and shops, it is a very large and old building. If you want to shop, you can stop by.

You may run out of time, but if you do, Rembrandt’s House is also a 10-minute walk from Dam Square. We can recommend. Another alternative might be to take a quick look at Dam Square and switch to Red Light. The Red Light District is already quite a large area, there are coffeeshops and bars in it. Pop into any you catch your eye and taste the famous Dutch beers.


If you don’t mind the budget, it will take you 3 minutes to pedal to the Cannibale Royale, where your inner carnivore will fall in love ( click for location ).

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10 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam to visit in 2022



10 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam in 2022? Coffeshops are most famous places to go in Amsterdam. We have found the 10 best coffeeshops to smoking weed this year.

Amsterdam is a hotbed of cannabis at the international level. The Dutch city is famous for its coffee shops that serves cannabis, the red light district, pubs and quirky museums strangers. The flexibility of the laws of the city it is possible that millions of tourists smoke each year. There are dozens of coffee shops to choose from. Some are authentic hot springs of bustling activity, while others are much more quiet. Each establishment has its own unique atmosphere, which means there’s one for every type of consumer.

To avoid that walk through the entire city looking for your ideal place to consume marijuana, we’ve made this list with the 10 best coffeeshops that offers Amsterdam for 2022.


The Boerejongens are considered as the best coffeeshops of Amsterdam, and they could be right. They have four local throughout the city, the Boerejongens West, the Center, the BIJ and the Coffeeshop amsterdam Sloterdijk. All who visit this string to match in the same thing: exceptional quality. Each one of the premises is flawless and has a decoration with wood is very elegant, in addition to lighting, antique style.

The budtenders are highly qualified, well informed and friendly. In addition, their suits three pieces and their bowler hats add to the sophisticated atmosphere. We know that there are things that can help or ruin the rush, and the Boerejongens bends over backwards to ensure that the experience is pleasant at all times. The chain has won many awards, including the Prize Captain hooter’s the Best Coffeeshop, and the Prize Zamnesia the Best Coffeeshop.

The Boerejongens account with a menu of first quality, and you receive all varieties from breeders legendary Amsterdam Genetics. You can choose between varieties of indica as the Tangerine G13, and the Green Magic G13, and sativa as the Blueberry Haze and Amnesia Haze.

Amsterdam best coffeshops BOEREJONGENS


The Dampkring is another coffeeshop high range. Is an 18-minute walk from the central station, so that you can soak up the city by the way. The Dampkring is distinguished from many of the coffeeshops in the streets of Amsterdam. Many of these establishments are dark, crowded, and sometimes even intimidating. The Dampkring has given back to this stereotype. The place is bright, spacious and clean. The decoration is based on arab sources, bohemian, and buddhists to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. In addition to this, the staff is helpful and very friendly.

Even consumers veterans will be surprised by the contents of the menu. There’s a long list of strains, including the Cheese, Sour OG, AK-47, Bubba Kush and Gorilla Glue #4. The menu describes the taste, the smell and the effect of each product: you will know exactly what you’re buying.

Amsterdam best coffeshops DAMPKRING


You’ll find the coffeeshop Old Amsterdam in a quiet part of the city. It is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of exploration, and tourism. You will feel the relaxed atmosphere and friendly from the moment you enter through the door. The founders have made a considerable effort to create a pleasant environment. The brick walls, the large portraits and works of art of the cathedral in the back wall make the relatively small space seem much larger.

The Old Amsterdam has an extensive menu. Sell some strains powerful, as the White Widow, the Mango Haze, the Blue Cheese, the Amnesia and the Hawaii Haze. If you smoke hashish also you will be pleased to see Nepal Cream, Golden Kashmir and Super Polm in the menu. If you’re not in terms of messing around a joint, you can always buy three joints for 12€.

Amsterdam best coffeshops old amsterdam


The Green House Seed Company, he founded the Green House Centrum. It is one of the cannabis businesses with world’s most successful and take care of many things. Produced the documentary series, Strain Hunters, and have been bred hybrid of genetic indigenous from all over the world. Genetic make-up of prime quality and has won a host of awards, including many first places of the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Green House Centrum is one of the four coffeeshop in Amsterdam, and is located to the side of the canal of the red light district. The inside is warm and welcoming. There is a dim lighting, comfortable seating, and works of art psychedelic lining the walls. The place is frequented by all sorts of celebrities; it might even bump into Snoop Dogg!

The menu always exceeds expectations. You can choose between Haze genetics such as Super Silver Haze, the Panama Haze, and Hawaiian Snow. They also offer varieties of Green House Exclusive, among which you can find the Jack Herer and the GH Cheese.

Amsterdam best coffeshops GREEN HOUSE CENTRUM


The Amnesia has earned his title. Probably, your short-term memory is impaired for several minutes when you come to this coffee shop. The prices in the Amnesia are relatively high in comparison with the competition, but there is a reason for it; the buds are compact, they are perfectly manicurados and loaded with trichomes. The local is located in the impressive Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht offers a large selection of vaporizers, and bongs available to customers. If you’re feeling particularly inclined to do so, don’t hesitate to play board games!

The decor is super relaxing. The dark furniture, the decorations purple and soft lighting set the tone. The menu has no waste. You will see varieties as the Killa Kush, LSD and Cookies Kush. If you are willing to effect psychedelic, test your edible award-winning, Amnesia, Time Bomb.

Amsterdam best coffeshops AMNESIA

6. 1E HULP

The 1e Hulp takes relaxation to another level. The decoration is inspired by the design of east asia, with colors bright red and the walls are covered with wood. The seats and tables are close to the ground, and the soft lights give just the right touch of lighting. In general, this coffeeshop is a very nice place for smoking. It is a must visit city.

Experienced users who want to overcome their level of tolerance will not have many problems. Offer moonrocks incredibly powerful and hot chocolate infusionado with 70mg of THC. If you are willing to put enough, test your WIFI OG, or the Lindsay OG. If you want something quiet, don’t miss the Pink Sunset and the White Widow.

Amsterdam best coffeshops 1e hulp


The Tweede Kamer is a coffeeshop very respected, so much so that it is included in the Coffeeshop Awards 2019 Zamnesia. It is located in the center of Amsterdam and has been serving locals and tourists since 1985. The local made history as the first establishment of the city began to weigh and package your flowers, allowing customers to smell their products and to see them up close.

The Tweede Kamer has a classic décor and extremely comforting. The wooden tables, the bar and the lamps of character retro will give you a serious nature. The menu is extensive and has something for all tastes. You can choose between sativa as the Blackberry Glue Haze and Amnesia, and varieties of indica as the Girl Scout Choco and Choco Skunk.

Amsterdam best coffeshops tweede kamer


The Barney’s Coffeeshop was founded by the seed bank the legendary Barney’s Farm. This team of breeders has created varieties of prestige worldwide as the Cookies Kush, the Liberty Haze and Amnesia Haze. They have many local located throughout the Amsterdam, including the Barney’s Coffeeshop on Amsterdam Haarlemmerstraat. It is located in an emblematic building of 500 years old and has won many awards in the High Times Cup for offering an herb excellent and fantastic service.

The Barney’s Coffeeshop has a hybrid environment that combines a sense of meditation with touches futuristic. It is a bustling place, ideal to enjoy a few flowers in the company of friends. The menu is impressive, offering varieties powerful as the Blue Cheese, Laughing Buddha and Liberty Haze.

Amsterdam best coffeshops barneys coffeeshop


The Kadinsky is a relaxing space and quiet. It is a coffeeshop ideal if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the streets of the city. Although it is one of the attractions of the place, the tones of dark gray color and poor lighting make it very easy to relax, take a break and devote a bit of time for you. The bar, located under several pockets, stands in the venue, and the large windows allow you to see the way people excellent.

Visit and test the Temple Ball Hash, Mango Haze and AK-47.

Amsterdam best coffeshops KADINSKY

10. 420 CAFE

The 420 Cafe is one of the coffeeshops in the middle of Amsterdam, which also means that it is one of the most accessible. It is a few steps from the central station and is the first stop for many smokers. The staff is friendly and casts a welcoming environment, in addition to the decoration of wood and the beams on the ceiling give you the feeling of being in a “pub”. It is a great place to sit and relax without more. Usually put a bit of rock music and a display that give documentaries about nature.

The menu will not disappoint. Test the White Widow, the 420 Haze and Blueberry. The 420 Cafe also offers porros already bundled of hashish and flowers.

Amsterdam best coffeshops 420 coffeeshop

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