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Rotterdam Nelson Mandela Park



A park the size of 10 football fields will be built in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Rotterdam takes on a green face. The biggest green area of ​​the project; Nelson Mandela Park to be built the size of 10 football fields in Maashaven.

The 7-hectare (70 thousand square meter) Nelson Mandela Park project to be built in Rotterdam, Maashaven has been announced. The project will include many areas from sports facilities to recreation and activity areas.

The park will feature recreation, exercise areas, a meeting center and two hills with views of Maashaven. There will be a city boulevard on the east side of the park, and river transport ships can be seen on the west side. In the section in front of Maassilo, there will be a square where small and large events can be organized.

In addition to walking and running areas in the park, there will be fields where sports such as skateboarding, football and basketball can be practiced. 

When Rotterdam Nelson Mandela Park complete?

The dredging and filling works of Nelson Mandela park, which will be built in a part of Maashaven on the south side of Rotterdam and which is expected to be opened in 2026, will start 2022. 

Rotterdam’s face is getting green

In order to make Rotterdam have a greener face, different projects are being carried out in the whole city as well as the Nelson Mandela park. These projects are mainly; Greening projects in the Hofplein, Maashaven, Rijnhaven, Westblaak, de Hofbogen and Prins Alexander areas. 

The estimated costs of projects, which were 278 million euros in 2020, are now estimated to be tens of millions of euros higher. According to the municipality, this is due to increased export and construction costs of a number of projects. Material and labor prices also increased last year with the increase in inflation

The DENK party, whose group has been found in the parliament, is waiting for the Mayor and the council of elders to make a statement on the subject. It is expected that the issue will be discussed in the Rotterdam Assembly on Thursday.


Berry moved to the Netherlands for her art studies. She is living in Amsterdam for 16 years. You can see her in Amsterdam streets with her fancy pink bike. She is a professional photographer and blog journal lover.

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What is an I Amsterdam Card? What are the advantages?



I Amsterdam Card

The I Amsterdam card is the cheapest city transport and free/discounted activity pass.

With the I Amsterdam card, you can benefit from free or discounted transportation and many activities during your I Amsterdam trip. You also get the advantage of not waiting in line for activity entries.

The Amsterdam transport card provides a city discount that you can use throughout your Amsterdam trip. With this card, you can benefit from all means of transportation (metro, tram and bus) free of charge.

You can visit the museums for free by joining the boat tour on the famous canals of Amsterdam for free.

You can also get discounts on some concerts, theaters, restaurants and rental cars.

This card is offered in 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 hour variants. You can choose whichever is appropriate according to your budget and travel plan. Thus, you can speed up your Amsterdam trip and provide a budget advantage.

Where is the I Amsterdam Card sold?
You can get your I Amsterdam Card from almost anywhere, including the city, from the moment you land at the airport. If you don’t want to wait in line, it’s also available online for sale here.

Where to buy an I Amsterdam card? Let’s write down some of the points you can take below:

Tourist Information point at Schiphol Airport
Centraal Station (Central Train Station) Amsterdam Tourist Information Point
Many hotels in Amsterdam
Next to the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum on Museumplein

What are the I Amsterdam Card Advantages?

It gives unlimited transportation rights including the use of buses, trams and metro.
It provides access to Amsterdam’s most popular museums and places to visit. (Van Gogh Museum. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Rembrandt House Museum. Hermitage Amsterdam. EYE Filmmuseum. Oude Kerk. Amsterdam Arena – Ajax Stadium Tours. Amsterdam Tulip Museum etc.)
Provides free canal cruise.
Gives detailed city map.
It provides discounts at concerts, theaters, car rentals and restaurants.

In addition, it provides free entry at many points below. Note: This card does not provide transportation from Amsterdam airport to city center or from city center to Amsterdam airport. For this, you should get this more comprehensive card from here or you should buy a single-use round-trip ticket sold at airport train tolls and city ticket points.
In the meantime, let’s put our life-saving information about your passport that might be of interest to you.

What is the I Amsterdam Transportation Card Prices?

It has 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 hours alternatives.

For the year 2022:

24-hours card fee is 60 Euros
48-hours card fee is 85 Euros
72-hours card fee is 100 Euros
96-hours card fee is 115 Euros
120-hours card fee is 125 Euros

Click for order I Amsterdam Card.

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Brugge – Belgium Travel Guide 2022



Brugge - Belgium Travel Guide 2022

Brugge – Belgium Travel Guide. Brugge, unlike Brussels, is Belgium’s most loved and most touristic city. So much so that this tiny medieval city hosts around 10-15 million tourists every year.

Brugge(or Brugge) is a city full of canals, beer, chips and, of course, delicious waffles. It is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium, in the northwest of the country. The medieval canals of Brugge are so famous that they called it the “Venice of the North”. If you hop on the boat and take a canal cruise, you’ll definitely understand why Bruges is the Venice of the North. Bruges’ Canals are almost as old as Brugge itself.

Brugge – Belgium Travel Guide 2022

Brugge – Belgium Travel Guide

Markt Square

This is the main square of the city. We love places like this. It is both lively and often the meeting points of young people. It is best for us to start from such a central place. It’s a really sweet challenge. Colorful buildings lined up side by side are literally screaming for photos. If you are interested, the phaetons leave from here. We definitely do not recommend it, of course. This is not the place for horses!

brugge 3616516 1920

Belfort Bell Tower

The bell tower, which is impossible to miss when you come to Markt Square. You can go to the top and watch the view of Brugge, but it didn’t appeal to us as it was 14€. The view is said to be good. Let’s add here that we saw a much better view with the drone instead 🙂 You have to climb 366 steps to get up. The Musea Brugge Card passes.


Burg Square

Even though it may seem very small after the Markt, the squares are our heart. The reason for this happening is to visit the Church of the Holy Blood, which we will talk about below. After seeing the Stadhuis, which is also located in this square and attracts attention with its architecture, do not miss to see the magnificent arch on the Blinde-Ezelstraat, on its left.


Basilica of the Holy Blood

Located in Burg Square, it is very difficult to understand that it is a church when you look from the outside, and this church is very important for Christians. In the church, there is a piece of cloth believed to have the blood of Jesus on it. Apart from that, the interior has the most interesting decorative elements we’ve ever seen. Entry is free. On certain days, the cloth was removed and shown to the visitors, but we could not get a very clear information about when. It is open daily between 09:30-12:00 and 14:00-17:00.

inside the basilica


In our opinion, this is the most romantic place in Brugge. A frequent destination for photography lovers. This is also the starting point of canal tours. 2be, one of Brugge’ most popular breweries, is also located here.

91736 hoofdafbeelding pano rozenhoedkaai

Church of Our Lady

Let’s not call it a church because it is the highest point of Brugge with its 122-meter tower, as well as home to Madonna and Child (Madonna and Child), the only work of Michaelangelo found outside of Italy. The entrance to the church is free, but if you want to see this work, cotton hands are in your pocket. Admission is 7€. Free for those with the Musea Brugge Card.

The detail you need to know before going about the work is that you cannot approach the work more than 15 steps. I guess that’s why they put a replica closer. The statue differs from other works of Michaelangelo, as the Virgin Mary seems to be smiling. Located in the Vatican, St. It is also very similar to the Pieta in St. Peter’s Basilica.

rear shot from the parking

st. John’s Hospital (St. John’s Hospital)

One of the oldest surviving hospitals in Europe, St. John’s Hospital served until 1978. Currently, it continues its life as a museum. You can both learn about its history and see the works of the famous Flemish artist Hans Memling. Admission is 12€. The Musea Brugge Card passes. Even if you don’t visit inside, the garden is quite sweet. Be sure to take a look.

91411 hoofdafbeelding exterieur hospitaal 200911 jan8661 jandarthet.jpg

Begijnhof (Ten Wijngaerde)

Begijnhof, a convent where widowed or unmarried women live, is still an extremely quiet place where life continues. It is so calm that there are even signs to be quiet around. You can even come here to escape the crowds of Brugge. There is also a house that tells about the life here. The entrance fee is 2€. It closes at 18:30 in the evening.

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Brugge – Belgium Travel Guide 2022


Minnewater Park, which is very close to the Begijnhof, is a place to take a rest. It is ideal for walking and relaxing with snacks.

Bruggecity 15


One of the quietest places in Brugge is this canal and its surroundings. The houses with ivy and the bridges again allowed us to take beautiful pictures.

de 16de eeuwse achtergevel

Bonifacius Bridge

We left our favorite place in Brugge for last. We declare this place as the most photogenic place of Brugge. Even if we did not realize that it is not a very old bridge with our Elf eyes, we think that the fact that we have seen the bride and groom photo shoot here gives an idea about its photogenicity.

medium Bonifacius Bridge Bonifaciusbrug 1 Jan D Hondt Visit Flanders 1b58c61d70


As we said, the museum did not interest us at all here. We didn’t have time either. But it might interest you. Gruuthusemuseum, Groeningemuseum and, perhaps, one of the most interesting museums, Frietmuseum (Fries Fries Museum) are museums to visit.

Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan

We wrote this brewery in places to visit because it’s a super tour. They explain the production processes of the beer and at the end of the tour there is an unfiltered beer treat. For those who do not go to the Belfort Bell Tower, a very satisfying view of the city can also be a plus. We really enjoyed this tour. The tour fee is 15€ per person.

You will see Brugse Zot, the beer produced here, from many parts of the city.

Brugge Canal Tour

One of the best activities to do in Brugge is the canal tour. Normally these seem like tourist traps to us, but things have changed in Bruges. In our opinion, exploring the city through the canals in a magnificent weather should definitely be done when you come here. You both see the places you cannot see on foot, and you have the chance to look at the places you see from a different angle.

There are several companies for the tour but they all follow the same route. The tour takes approximately 40 minutes. Tickets were 10€ per person in July 2021.

Brugge – Belgium Travel Guide 2022

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Ghent – Belgium Travel Guide 2022



Ghent - Belgium Travel Guide 2022

Ghent – Belgium Travel Guide 2022 You can visit Gent for a day just like in Bruges. If you want to see the city in more detail, of course, 2 days will be more comfortable.

There’s only one downside to planning a single day here; Ghent is a university city that makes it clear from the first minute with its energy that you never want to leave here. We are sure that you will love the calmness of Ghent, especially after the tourist crowd of Bruges. Since the city is flat, it can be easily visited on foot, and it is a very pleasant place in terms of eating and drinking. Have a good trip already!

Ghent – Belgium Travel Guide 2022

#1 Saint Michael’s Church:

The construction of Saint Michael’s Church began in 1440 with a two-phase plan, to be built on the site of another chapel that existed at the same place. It took so many years to complete that in the meantime, some parts of it were badly damaged, so it was demolished and rebuilt. The church was normally intended to have a tower; Come and go, when the construction was still not completed in 1828, the church was completed without a tower and opened to visitors.

The general architectural style of the church, which is made of sandstone, which you will see frequently in Gent, is Gothic and Baroque, and its interior architecture has Neo-Gothic and Baroque decorations. Its decoration includes paintings by important Flemish artists such as Anthony van Dyck from the 18th century and a copy of Michelangelo’s Madonna of Bruges by someone else.

In front of the church St. You will see the Michael Bridge. This bridge, which was built in 1905 in Neo-Gothic style, is also very valuable due to its harmony with the surrounding architecture and its contribution to the Gothic silhouette of Ghent.

Location: Sint-Michielsplein 4, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Ghent - Belgium Travel Guide 2022
#2 Graslei & Korenlei:

Most of the places to visit in Ghent are located in the historical city center around the Leie River, which divides the city into two. While walking the most important points of Gent, you will often come to the quay area where the Leie River flows. The right section of the Leie River is called Graslei, and the left section is called Korenlei. Both areas were important ports of the Middle Ages, and are now one of the most touristic and lively areas of Ghent. Along the quay, there are all kinds of historical shops and merchant houses that serve as venues today. The general landscape is like a nostalgic postcard; one is surprised which one to study. You can visit this area by walking on the quay around the canal or by joining the canal tours with boats. You can find the details about the Gent canal tour in the continuation of the article.

Locaation: Korenlei, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Ghent - Belgium Travel Guide 2022

Ghent – Belgium Travel Guide 2022

#3 Saint Bavo’s Cathedral:

Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, one of the landmarks of Ghent, was completed in 942 and located in the same place, St. John the Baptist Church took its present form with the additions that started in 1274. Like many buildings in Ghent, St. Bavo’s Cathedral is also in Gothic style. The magnificence of Saint Bavo’s actually comes from its 89-metre length, itself one of the most magnificent spots in the city.

It is of particular importance for Ghent that the cathedral hosts The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb painting by Hubert and Jan van Eyck, one of the most valuable works of the Northern Renaissance period and Belgium. Adoration of the Mystic Lamb is among the oldest oil paintings in the world. Other works by Flemish artists are also displayed in the cathedral.

st. Bavo’s Cathedral is located on Sint – Baafsplein, one of the main squares of Ghent. In this square, St. In addition to Bavo’s Cathedral, you will also see the Belfort bell tower and the Royal Dutch Theater building. There is a place called Achtersikkel 100 meters ahead of the square. This Renaissance-era building with its two round towers takes its name from the Sickelen family, who was among the wealthiest in the city at that time and owned the houses here. As the Achtersikkel is used as the Ghent conservatory today, you can hear the students’ work while walking in its courtyard.

Location: Sint-Baafsplein, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Ghent - Belgium Travel Guide 2022
#4 Belfort van Gent:

The Belfort bell tower, whose construction was completed in 1380, is located in Ghent’s St. Nicholas Church and St. It is one of the three tallest structures along with Bavo’s Cathedral. The bell tower, which symbolizes the independence of the city and undertakes the duties of announcement, observation and defense, is 91 meters long and is under the protection of UNESCO. The bell tower is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00, the entrance fee is €8. Free for those with City Card Ghent.

The rectangular building right next to Belfort was completed in 1445 as Cloth Hall, or Cloth Exchange. It took 1903 for the hall to take its original form, but even as it was opened, it became the center of the textile trade of Ghent in the Middle Ages. Mammelokker, which was added between Cloth Hall and Belfort, was built as an entrance to the city prison.

Location: Sint-Baafsplein, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Ghent - Belgium Travel Guide 2022
#5 Korenmarkt:

The old wheat market of Gent, Korenmarkt, is located on the Leie River and St. Nicholas Church. Korenmarkt is one of the most touristic spots in Ghent today, with dozens of cafes and restaurants serving in historical architecture, just like in the quay area. Connecting the city’s famous shopping streets, Veldstraat and Kortemunt, this square was once the city center of Graslei and Korenlei.

It was used as a place where the wheat brought from its mother was sold.

Location: 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Ghent - Belgium Travel Guide 2022

Ghent – Belgium Travel Guide 2022

#6 Nicholas Church:

One of our favorite architectures in Gent, St. Nicholas Church! Like other religious buildings of Ghent, this one was built on an existing church. st. Nicholas Church is said to have lasted throughout the 13th century, and judging by the result, we can say that it was worth it at the highest level possible. What makes this church one of our favorites in Ghent is that it is finished with a special blue stone brought from the Tournai region.

Tournai is located in the Scheldt region, which includes Ghent, and the name of this region comes from the Scheldt River. Thanks to this blue stone used in its construction, St. Nicholas Church is considered one of the best examples of the Scheldt Gothic architectural style. If you haven’t heard before, the most important details of the Scheldt Gothic style include the blue stone of the Tournai region, the single tower rising in the middle of the church, and the slender cylindrical towers at the corners of the architecture. The church is open to visitors between 10:00 and 17:00 every day except Mondays. It can be visited between 14:05 and 17:00 on Mondays. Entry is free.

Location: Cataloniëstraat, 9000 Gent, Belgium

ghent belgium august view saint nicholas church people historical medieval city saint nicholas church 126710180

#7 Gravensteen:

Of course, there would be a castle that you should see in Ghent, where you will feel the Middle Ages! Castle of the Counts, translated into Turkish as Counts Castle, is located on the banks of the Leie River. Built in 1180, the castle was used as the residence of the counts of Flanders until the 14th century. It is a building that was renovated several times until it was opened to visitors as a museum, and was used as a court, prison and factory over time.

In the museum inside the castle, you can visit the remnants of the Counts of Flander, the stables, torture and execution rooms. Gravensteen is an important part of dynastic culture and tourism in Ghent. On some days, it also hosts wedding ceremonies and festivals. Entrance fee to the castle is €12, free with City Card Ghent. The castle is open to visitors from April to October from 10:00 to 18:00, from November to March at 09:00 to 17:00.

Location: Sint-Veerleplein 11, 9000 Gent, Belgium

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#8 Patershol:

Before we started to tour Ghent, we met with an officer at the tourist office. When I asked him if he had a place to recommend other than places to visit, he said that we should definitely go to Patershol. That’s how our dear Patershol and our paths crossed. Patershol is definitely one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Ghent with its cobblestone streets, historical authentic houses, super delicious places and hidden underground bars. The streets are a complete movie set, you really feel like you are inside the decor while walking. How this beautiful medieval texture has been preserved so well in the intervening time is another matter of curiosity!

Patershol is an artistic neighborhood mostly preferred by the intellectuals. Belgian artists live in this neighborhood with the painter; It is very possible that you will come across their workshop on the streets. Naturally, design boutiques and galleries are a must here. The traces of the Middle Ages already suit any art-related space; but one of the features that makes Patershol so famous today is undoubtedly the venues that form a gourmet route here. In Patershol, you can find many options not only for European cuisine, but also for world cuisine. And of course, traditional pubs are another alternative for those who want to try Belgian beers.

If you want to visit a museum in Patershol, you can go to the House of Alijn, where an old nursing home has been turned into a museum. The museum is entirely about the 20th century; It has a collection of objects, photographs and records of daily life.

Location: 9000 Ghent

VisitReeks19 DT004772

Ghent – Belgium Travel Guide 2022

#8 Vrijdagmarkt:

Another square you can see in Ghent is Vrijdagmarkt, which means Friday Market, where the tradition of Friday market is still maintained every week. The area around the square is full of shops where tradesmen used to carry on their commercial life; Today, each of them serves as a cafe, restaurant and pub. The Friday market of Vrijdagmarkt is open between 09:00 and 13:00 in the morning. Fruit and vegetable stalls are in the majority in the market, but there are also second-hand stalls selling vintage products in some areas.

If you like to visit second-hand markets, you can go to Bij Sint-Jacobs square, 100 meters from Vrijdagmarkt. Here, too, a second-hand and antiques market is set up between 08:00 and 13:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Location:  9000 Ghent, Belgium

The Friday Square Ghent Belgium panoramio


#9 MSK – Museum voor Schone Kunsten:

MSK Fine Arts Museum, one of the oldest museums in Belgium, hosts a large collection covering the period from the Middle Ages to the middle of the 20th century. Although the collection is generally shaped by the works of Flemish artists, it is possible to find examples of European art, especially the works of French painters. As of 2020, MSK will also host the An Optical Revolution collection, which consists of important works by Jan van Eyck. Entrance fee to the museum is €6, free with City Card Ghent.

Location: Fernand Scribedreef 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium


#10 SMAK – Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art:

Opened in 1999, SMAK Museum of Modern Art has a collection of modern and contemporary works of art after 1945. It also features world-renowned modern art works, mainly by Flemish artists. Its temporary exhibitions are renewed every 4 months, it is one of Belgium’s home favorite museums. Entrance fee to the museum is €12, free with City Card Ghent.

Location: Jan Hoetplein 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium


#11 STAM – Stadsmuseum Gent:

Opened in 2010, the City Museum of Ghent is the kind of museum that those who want to learn about the history of the city willlove. In the museum, which dates back to the 1800s, when the city was started to be established in general, you can examine the process of Ghent until today, both with the remains and objects collected from the Ghent environment, and with interactive presentations. STAM City Museum, which is extremely modern with old maps, animations and photographs, is also very enjoyable for children. Entrance fee to the museum is €8, free with City Card Ghent.

Location: Godshuizenlaan 2, 9000 Gent, Belgium


#12 Old St. Elizabeth Beguinage:

One of Ghent’s three Beginjhof settlements, St. Elizabeth Beguinage, like its examples in other cities, is a living complex built for women who belong to the Beguinages order and will not marry for religious reasons. In the Beguinages, which are seen as a kind of retreat, women have the chance to live safely and self-sufficiently.

Founded in 1242, St. The Elizabethan Beguinage used to be walled and is no longer so. The most important feature is that there are 4 churches around it: Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Anglican. For this reason, it is also known as the Holy Corner.

Location: Groot Begijnhof 67, 9040 Gent, Belgium

VisitReeks06 DT004092 0

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Dutch fishing town: Volendam




Volendam and Edam are two quaint fishing towns just north of Amsterdam. Volendam and Edam, which attract a lot of attention by tourists, are half an hour away from Amsterdam.

As you can guess from the Edam cheese that most of us know, it is one of the great places for food and cheese. Let’s start by explaining these two charming towns separately, which should definitely be visited by those who pass by Amsterdam.

How to get to Volendam?

As we mentioned above, Volendam is located in the north of Amsterdam and can be reached with a journey of 30-40 minutes. You can reach here directly by bus number 316, which departs from Amsterdam Centraal. To get on this bus, you must buy an Amsterdam & Regional Ticket. We talked about this ticket and other ticket types in detail in our Amsterdam Public Transport Cards and Fares article, we recommend you to read it. You can also see how you can reach Volendam from the regions around Amsterdam via the application or site of the GVB, which we mentioned in the same article.

Volendam Trip

Volendam is a town whose streets you have to get lost in. Of course, you should take a tour on Haven Street, by the sea, first. As a sailor, the crowd of boats at sea amazed me. The marina and classical type sailboats in the sea also add a nice atmosphere to the town. It is understood from the architecture that Volendam is a predominantly Catholic region. It was very pleasant to walk by the sea in the company of these beautiful one-storey houses. Also, I don’t know if it’s always open, but on both my visits, there was a market in an area like the town square where everything was sold. If you are thinking of buying souvenirs, the prices are more affordable compared to the center of Amsterdam.

Dutch fishing town: Volendam

Dutch fishing town: Volendam

Dining in Volendam

Now let’s come to one of the most enjoyable parts of Volendam where it is quite good. Volendam offers really good options for food. Seafood is perfectly delicious as it is a fishing town. When you come here, don’t come back without eating Kibbeling from the mobile buffet that I have pictured below. Kibelling; We can say fish and chips, served with tartar sauce. As I got off the bus on both my visits to Volendam, I went here to eat fish first.

Another suggestion is to eat hot mussels in Volendam. However, the mussels here are different. It is served marinated with a by-product or beverage, such as wine, beer, and hot sauce. I ate mussels at the HavenGat bar on the beach and it was quite successful, but since the price was around 20€, 4 people could eat a pot.

Dutch fishing town: Volendam

Dutch fishing town: Volendam

In the cafes and barsalong the beach, it is very enjoyable to eat or drink with the sea view, especially in hot weather.

Another thing you should eat when you come to Volendam is the famous Dutch cheeses. There is a cheese museum and many cheese shops here. Cheese tasting is free in the shops. You can taste any cheese you want. There are more types of cheese than you can imagine. The cheeses flavored with herbs such as lavender surprised me. Also, the smoked cheese, which is called smoked, was my favourite, although it did not suit all tastes.

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12 Most Touristic Cities in England



12 Most Touristic Cities in England

12 Most Touristic Cities in England. England is one of the strongest and most developed countries on the European continent. England, which is a union, is a country that hosts millions of tourists every year. Especially the cities that host the most tourists in England are also very curious.

Here are 12 cities you must see in England;

12 Most Touristic Cities in England


There are cities in the world that are more known than the country they are in. Like Paris, New York, Istanbul. London is one of them. It’s like a country on its own. With its black taxis, red buses and telephone booths, and its unique architecture, which is proof of a deep-rooted adaptability, London is of course the most touristic city in England and almost in the world.

12 Most Touristic Cities in England


The city of colleges, Oxford, which is the subject of the famous phrase of a famous elder: “There was Oxford in Urfa but we didn’t go?”, is home to the oldest university in the world. England, the second city of my travel writing, Oxford has been invaded by high school-age youth groups from all over the world who have come to get to know colleges and summer schools. Colleges, museums, other buildings, in short, everywhere seems to have come from the pages of history.



After the establishment of Oxford, the second oldest university in the world in the 11th century, there were great conflicts between the university and the public, and a group of academics and university students decided to leave Oxford. They came to Cambridge, a quieter place, and established the world’s 3rd oldest university in Cambridge, meaning the bridge over the River Cam, a century after the founding of Oxford.

12 Most Touristic Cities in England

12 Most Touristic Cities in England


Famous for its football team and being the birthplace of the Beatles, Liverpool is on the Unesco World Heritage List under the name of ‘Medieval Commercial Port City’. The Wheel of Liverpool, Albert Dock, Beatles Museum, Maritime Museum, Liverpool One Shopping Centre, Cavern Club and Liverpool Cathedral are the highlights of the Liverpool Places to Visit list.

12 Most Touristic Cities in England

MANCHESTER, which has only come to mind with the football team until now, is a very compact and enjoyable English city to visit. Manchester, which is considered the capital of northern England, has a very developed economy. It is also the second most visited city by foreigners in the UK after London.

12 Most Touristic Cities in England
6 – YORK

Located in Yorkshire in the north of England, York is an ancient city of cathedrals dating back to the Romans and one of the best preserved historical buildings in Europe. York, which is the father of New York’s name, is very cute, it is very pleasant to visit the old city center preserved within the walls of the castle.

12 Most Touristic Cities in England

In addition to being one of the cities that attract the most tourists in the world, London also comes to the fore with the magnificently beautiful villages around it. For those who want to immerse themselves in the arms of mother nature after touring London and getting enough of the metro and metropolitan chaos, there are fairy-tale-like villages where beautiful stone houses are surrounded by a lush nature, very close to London.

12 Most Touristic Cities in England

Wales (Wales) is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom in Britain. Snowdonia National Park, Pistyll Falls, Bala Lake and Barmouth, a seaside coastal city, are very enjoyable routes for nature lovers that you should see in this region.

12 Most Touristic Cities in England

Located in the northwest of England, north of Liverpool and Manchester, the Lake District is England’s second largest National Park. The region, which is quite mountainous, also includes England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike. The Lake District, which has magnificent lakes and valleys, offers breathtaking views to its visitors. The Lake District is, in my opinion, the most impressive region of England in terms of natural beauty.

12 Most Touristic Cities in England

12 Most Touristic Cities in England


Located on the English Channel coast in the south-east of England, the coastal city of Brighton is 50 minutes from London by train. While Brighton was a fishing town at first, it has become one of England’s preferred destinations for a sea vacation. It is also called the student city as it has two universities and many language schools. Although the nightlife is quite active, the local people lead a very calm and orderly life.



Bath, located in the south-west of England, takes its name from the hot springs in the city. The discovery of hot springs dates back to the Roman Empire period. Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in England with its calm river running through the middle of the city, historical buildings lined up like pearls and revealing their experiences, green nature, clean and tidy streets, happy people playing music at every corner.


Known as the oldest city in England, Colchester is one of the touristic cities in England with its historical castle, huge park around the castle, characteristic houses and streets. It is also known as a university city because of the University of Essex, which is affiliated with and within the Colchester Essex county, which is located approximately 100 km north-east of London. Many people working in London also live in Colchester, which has highway and train connections to London.


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Disneyland Paris Travel Guide



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Disneyland Paris is one of the largest thematic amusement parks in the world. Disneyland, whose name is identified with the capital of France, Paris, and is located 32 kilometers from the city center, has hotels, restaurants, shops, swimming pools, golf courses, Disney studios and toys.

Especially in the park where children are in demand, there is no for adults either.

Disneyland has been the world’s largest amusement park since it was founded by American filmmaker Walt Disney in 1955. Resembling a magical fair, this giant amusement park is a place with plenty of action, adrenaline, and life energy. At Disneyland, one of the few places on Earth that attracts people of all ages, you also have the opportunity to closely examine Disney studios with Disney characters.

Disneyland Paris is an amusement park that focuses on children. The aim is to entertain the children while ensuring that the families are satisfied with the trip to Disneyland Paris. There are also many entertainment alternatives for adults. There are also eating and drinking places and shopping centers in the campus.

Disneyland Paris is a huge amusement park. Disneyland Paris, the second Disneyland park to open outside the United States (USA), is called Euro Disney. With this feature, it is the most visited entertainment area in Europe.

Disneyland Paris consists of a total of two amusement parks on an area of two thousand hectares, seven hotels and a section with shopping centers and restaurants, a golf course and an artificial lake. Disneyland Paris consists of two basic amusement parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, which opened in 1991 under the name Eurodisney.

There are areas dedicated to different themes in Disneyland Park, where there are more than 40 entertainment and gaming sections. Walt Disney Studios is the section with plenty of adrenaline and dizzying activities for adults.

Disneyland Paris consists of a total of five sections, including Disney Village, an area with seven hotels along with these parks, Golf Disneyland with golf courses for adults and children, and Lake Disney, an artificial lake with many activity areas around it.

Disney Village is a free area located right at the entrance of Disneyland Paris, where you can enter without a ticket. It is a region with a cinema, Planet Hollywood and places where you can eat. There is also a famous outlet mall called La Valle Village, where you can also walk from Disneyland.

In parks where children are a priority, the system is based on getting on and driving a vehicle in the playgrounds. With the ticket you bought at the entrance, you have the right to enjoy all the entertainment and ride the toys.

There are amusement park activities in the parks that we are familiar with, such as carousels, spinning cups or ballerinas. On the other hand, there are also shows that you can watch sitting down. Like Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, The Lion King at Discoveryland, the Tarzan show at The Caparral Theatre. You can see the dates, places and times of these on the map given to you at the entrance of the park.

A chirpy park full of joy, joy and adrenaline, where there are entertainment and game sections in countless concepts in each of them. The joy and excitement of children screaming wildly with huge eyes is an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

There are different levels of toys in each park and area of Disneyland Paris that are unique there. On the map provided at the door, all toys are marked with color codes according to their type. This way, you can see which toy is suitable for which age December.

Not to mention witnessing quite enjoyable moments of adults as well as children when they experience them. This park, which takes you away from the realities of life for a while and feeds your excitement and childish spirit, deserves to be at the top of the list of places to visit in Paris.

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Sections of Disneyland Paris

You need to buy tickets to enter Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris, participate in the games taking place there and watch the organized shows. You can get tickets from many places, especially Disneyland’s website and Disneyland Paris door entrances.

1. Disneyland Park

Restaurants near Here: Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Park consists of theme areas where the Disney world is animated, such as Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Frontierland, Adventureland and Main Street USA. On the other hand, road roads, souvenir shops and restaurants are also located in this area. In these areas with different concepts, the players who are suitable for that concept leave the children with unlimited imagination as fans, and their abilities do not pass.

Fantasyland is the part that children love the most. There are reenactments of Disney characters, cartoon heroes, pointed towers, sleeping beauty castle and many more Disney stories here. In short, Fantasyland is a completely different world where fairy tales come to life, where princes and princes live here, where young age group children can go crazy.

Discoveryland is the section where real adventures in the future work with a science fiction theme. In Discoveryland, which resembles a huge space base, there are many topopic games, from time machines to flying saucers to travel with a spaceship on a rollercoaster.

Frontierland is an area that sheds light on the time of the wild west, cowboys and Indians. The episode, which portrays the American wild west as a theme, is divided into subcategories such as Big Thunder Mountain, Thunder Mesa Technique and Phantom Manor.

Adventureland is an area that feels like you are in an Indiana Jones movie, where scenes from the movie are animated, especially episodes such as the Indiana Jones Temple of Danger and Pirates of the Caribbean, where everyone, big and small, gets a key. You are participating in adrenaline adventures, exploring the depths of history.

The Main Street is one of the main sections of Disneyland Paris. 19. the Main Street, which has the concept of a century-old American town, is an area where you can sell souvenirs, taste delicacies from many country cuisines, and find a wide variety of fast food and shops.

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2. Walt Disney Studios Park

The Walt Disney Studios Park has many active promises, where film sets can be visited with tours, forcing the ranks of reality with simulations. This section, which is dominated by the film industry, is an educational paradise from start to finish! Walt Disney Studios, where he was portrayed in the most educational film in the world of TV and cinema, is one of the places he should escape. Scenes where famous films were shot, new living here is not bile from work.

Disney Village is the section located within the Disneyland Paris complex, where admission is free. Disney Village, a charming village with shopping centers, restaurants, concert venues, movie theaters, playgrounds for children and nightclubs, offers services for shopping and dining in the Disney concept. Located in Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village Shopping, live music, shows enhancement, movie theaters, concerts, street performers, themed restaurants, and games throughout the day continues.

Golf Disneyland is a section with nine- and eight-hole golf courses for adults and children. He also gives golf lessons on certain days of the week on the course that caters to professionals and amateurs. Golf Disneyland area also includes restaurants, fast food, bars as well as places to eat and eat.

Disney Lake is located next to Disney Village. At Lake Disney in Disney, it is possible to do many educational water sports from sea bikes to globe boats, kayaks and kayaks. You can take a mini tour around the lake by train to visit the area where multi-education is organized throughout the year, and you can participate in fun games and shows organized.


Disneyland Paris ticket fees

There are many types of tickets that are valid for Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris tickets are basically sold separately for the two parks, as well as in the form of a combined ticket covering both. Ticket prices vary depending on the high or low season, promotion periods and other criteria.

The ticket you buy gives you unlimited entry-exit rights to the park or parks you have chosen for the day in question. in the park, which is free for the 0-3 age group, the 3-11 age group is accepted as a child and the 12 age and later as an adult.

You can check the prices here.

Disneyland Paris visiting hours

Spring and autumn months can be preferred, which are ideal for going to Disneyland Paris. However, you should keep in mind that on weekends and special holidays, the park is very, very crowded. Especially from France and nearby countries, long queues in the park, which receives a lot of visitors, can annoy you. Likewise, the summer holidays are the most crowded periods.

The opening and closing hours of Disneyland Paris may vary depending on the dates you will visit the park. July September June August 09.00-20.00, the park is open between the hours of 09.00-23.00 in the period of the park is open between the hours of. the park is open between the hours of.09.00-23.00 in the period of.Dec. September August July June studios are open between 09.00-18.00, and July-August period between 09.00-20.00. Dec studios are open between 09.00-18.00, 09.00-20.00, 09.00-18.00. Hours vary for Walt Disney Park.

During the Christmas holiday period in February, the tourist density of the city and the park increases quite a lot. Although it is open between 09.00-23.00 hours in high season, the hours may change during the off-peak season. Dec. You can check out Disneyland’s website about this.

Eating and drinking at Disneyland Paris

At Disneyland Paris, there are many options for eating, having a snack, drinking coffee or spending a pleasant time having fun in the evening. Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park in the area like many places where you can eat lunch with your child, Disney Village area, live music, themed restaurants, bars, night clubs until you have many alternatives.

While eating at Disneyland Paris, Disney characters can come to visit you at any time. For a bite to eat on Main Street USA, you can opt for Cable Car Bake Shop, Cookie Kitchen or Casey’s Corner. Of course, as an American classic, Mc Donalds is also here.

You can eat a space hamburger at Discoveryland or take a meal break at Cafe Hyperion-Videopolis; you can taste Mexican food at Frontierland. The Blue Lagoon Restaurant at Adventureland is ideal for luxury lovers. Let me also say that the prices are a little high. Taking small snacks in your bag can save you, or even you can buy a water bottle and fill your bottle for free from the fountains in the park.

Shopping at Disneyland Paris

Main Street, located in the park section of Disneyland Paris for shopping, is the most ideal street. On the other hand, in the sections where you have countless options for shopping, there are many shops where you can buy gifts primarily for your children, yourself and loved ones.

On the street where you can find all kinds of clothes, toys, accessories for children, there are thousands of options that you can think of, from all kinds of toys and gifts of Disney heroes, from themed clothes to princess costumes, accessories, objects and items.

Disney Village, where the Disney Store is located, has more variety than the store’s branch on the Champs-Élysées. Val d’Europe, which is also very close to Disneyland and where the famous Vallée Village is located, can also be preferred. Within walking distance of Disneyland there is also a famous outlet shopping center called La Valle Village. You can shop in this very spacious La Valle Village, because the prices are affordable.

You can shop in this very spacious La Valle Village, because the prices are affordable. There is also an aquarium in this charming village, which you can reach in five minutes by taxi, the children love it here. In the village, which turns into a carnival area at night, light and fireworks shows and barcovision shows with Disney heroes are also organized.

How to go to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is located in the fifth arrondissement of Paris, 32 kilometers from the city center. Disneyland, where it is very easy to reach by train, can be easily reached using the RER A line, which departs every 5-10 minutes from the Nation Train Station.

Through the ’Marne la Vallée – Chessy – Disneyland’ stops, you are at the amusement park at the end of the journey, which takes about forty minutes to an hour. The cost of a one-way ticket for the train is about 9 euros.

Apart from the RER train, Eurostar and TGV trains also provide direct access to the park. In addition, Disneyland’s own buses also provide transportation to the park during the morning hours. You can check the Disneyland website for the departure times and fares of the buses. When you get off at Disneyland, the last stop of the RER A, and turn right from the station by following the signs, you come across a giant park.

If it is to reach from the airport direct to Disneyland Paris, Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports is approximately 30 minutes and 45 minutes from moving between services and Suttle. You’ll be at Disneyland in about an hour.

If you want to take a taxi, you still need to take about an hour and 60 to 100 euros depending on the airport. More information on how to get to Disneyland Paris in the blog post.

Disneyland Paris offers entertainment for both children and adults. Disneyland, one of the largest theme parks in the world, ranks first among the places to visit in Paris Dec.

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Barcelona Food and Drink Guide



Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona. When it comes to Spain, of course, the food is one of the things that makes us the happiest.

Of course, Barcelona is one of the places that did not disappoint us in this regard. When you ask what to eat in Barcelona, ​​tapas comes to mind first. In addition, tourists from all over the world bring very good examples from every cuisine with them. Our priority in Barcelona is tapas, not world cuisine.

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Patatas Bravas

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Potatoes cut into cubes are fried and served with a hot and spicy sauce. These potatoes, which are soft on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside, are a good start before the meal.

Tortilla de patatas/Spanish omelette

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona
Spain has seen the potato omelette made by mothers at home. The difference from the ones at home is that potatoes and onions are boiled in oil at low heat. Then, beaten eggs are added to this mixture and cooked a little like that. An indispensable element of every meal.

Crema Catalana

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

This is the Catalan version of Crème Brûlée. Maybe there are slight differences in the way they are made. But we couldn’t feel any difference in taste.


Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona
Calçots, a type of spring onion, are grilled like asparagus and served with a special sauce called Romesco, made with pepper, garlic, almonds and spices. It is a product that can only be found fresh in months like February and March. That’s why you can’t always find it.


They gave it this name because it resembles the hand grenades used during the civil war in shape. Imagine that the outside of our kibbeh consists of boiled potatoes mixed with eggs. Then we fry it with a trio of breadcrumbs, eggs and flour. Here is the bomb.


We don’t know how Valencia’s famous paella became known with Barcelona. But since you’ve come this far, don’t leave without trying the seafood paella. Plenty of vegetables, saffron, broth and rice are cooked like pilaf, and plenty of products such as shrimp, mussels and squid are added to it. It is indispensable especially for Sunday brunches.

Pa amb Tomàquet

We left our favorite for last. We wrote it with its original name so that it will attract attention. If we wrote tomato bread, you would probably skip this part. He toasts the bread and spreads it on the garlic and tomato, respectively. We’re not talking about driving with a knife. We rub the vegetables you know on the bread one by one. Then a little olive oil, a little salt and here is Pa amb Tomàquet like misss. In some places they leave it in front of you for free, in some places you have to order it. Be careful, don’t fill your stomach with it. Especially the beautifully made one is as addictive as sunflower seeds.

Where to Eat Tapas in Barcelona?

In tapas bars, we especially like to sit at the bar and watch the orders coming from the surrounding area. You have the chance to chat with the service providers and see if there is a product you missed on the menu. One of the points we miss the most is showing the plate “uhh uhh” and saying give me this. In many places, you have the opportunity to fill your stomach for 15 € per person.


Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona
One of our favorite places in Barcelona. The location is also very good, in one of the side streets of La Rambla. There was no food that we tried here and called even mediocre. Fried eggplant with molasses sauce and suckling pig are our favourites. The only flaw is that it has prices slightly above the city average. Reservation is required.

Address: Carrer de la Unió, 17, 08001 Barcelona


Ciutat Comtal / Cerveseria Catalana

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We included two different venue names in the title. The owner, the menu and the food are all the same. We even made a joint two orders for comparison at both venues. We were a little upset that it was the same as the way it was presented. One of the most touristic places. If you are going to try tapas for the first time, have a limited budget or want to try something for breakfast, you can give a chance. If there is no reservation, you can wait for a while and find a place.

Comtal Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 18, 08007 Barcelona

Cerverseria Address: C/ de Mallorca, 236, 08008 Barcelona


A place with modern touches on tapas. Modern does not mean fine dining, of course. Prices are average. It would be much better to have a snack with a few tapas orders instead of having dinner here. Reservation may be required as it is located in El Born and quite small.

Address: Carrer Antic de Sant Joan, 3, 08003 Barcelona

Cal Pepe

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

One of the old places of the city. If you want to try all the products mentioned above together, this is the most suitable place. Their main specialty is seafood. Definitely one of the places we’d say sit at the bar. It is very enjoyable to be excited about running in the kitchen and wondering if this plate is mine. Prices are still at normal levels and it is very difficult to find a place without reservation.

Address: Plaça de les Olles, 8, 08003 Barcelona

La Pepita

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We didn’t list it above, but a tour of Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without sangria. La Pepita is famous for both its modernly interpreted tapas and sangria. When we first entered, we felt like we had come from a restaurant to a very cute bar. Prices slightly above average at the One of the best places to make a reservation.

Address: C. de Còrsega, 343, 08037 Barcelona

Casa Lolea

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When you want to buy sangria from the free shop, the first brand you come across is Casa Lolea. This is the restaurant part. They have different types of sangria and you should definitely try it. One of our favorite places in Barcelona. Prices are average. Ceviche, mushroom guacamole, apple brie, and chocolate ganache are our star recommendations. Reservation is a must.

Address: Carrer deSant Pere Més Alt, 49, 08003 Barcelona

El Xampanyet

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Again, it is an extreme tourist place. Since we went many times, we can say with peace of mind that the prices have increased a lot compared to the past. I guess that’s one of the sad parts of being a tourist. However, it does not have a bad side in terms of taste. Still one of the best and classic tapas restaurants in the city. At the point where you find it difficult to choose from the menu like us, you can leave yourself to the recommendations of the employees. There can be big queues at the door before the opening time. Does not take reservations.

Address: Carrer de Montcada, 22, 08003 Barcelona

Can Paixano

A budget-friendly place where you can have both cava (such as Catalan champagne, prosecco) and tapas for very cheap. When two people offer the opportunity to gorge on food and drink for 20 €, the crowd is inevitable. Of course, at these prices, your expectations should not be too high. Still, it’s a fun place to stop by.

Address: Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7, 08003 Barcelona


If you are looking for a special place, you can try Brugarol, which won the hearts with its tasting menu. Portions on the tasting menu are small but adequate. A la carte menu is also available. Reservation is required. If you can’t find a place here, they also have another location called Brugarol X that offers the same menu.

Address: C/ de Salomo I Adret, 10, 08002 Barcelona

What to Eat in Barcelona Apart from Tapas?

Especially if you have 4-5 days or more, after a point you enter a repeating tapas cycle. That’s why it’s good to try alternative places.

Pastisseria Hofmann

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Of course, we won’t just talk about the food. No one should question our bakery/dessert love. Even if you don’t like sweets, we recommend you to try Hofmann at least once. It is not possible to call the products they make cakes. We think they are making art. They also have a croissant with mascarpone. You can’t bear to eat. Starred UH recommendation.

Address: Carrer dels Flassaders, 44, 08003 Barcelona

Pastisseria Takashi Ochiai

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The name does not mislead you. As we said at the beginning of the article, there are good examples from all over the world here. We also recommend a Japanese bakery in Barcelona. Their croissants are enormous, but you must try the mochi. Since we couldn’t find the appropriate words to describe it, we left his photo above.

Address: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 110, 08011 Barcelona

Pastisseria Brunnels


Croissant is one of our weak points. When we learned that the croissant of this place was also awarded, we ate it with love, even though we went with a full stomach. Crash for a crunchy, buttery-smelling croissant.

Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 22 Barcelona

Fabrica Moritz

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One of Barcelona’s famous brewers and the oldest. But they are very famous not only for their beer but also for their roosters that they cook in tins. When you go to visit the El Raval region, we say that you should definitely drop your way.

Address: Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41, 08011 Barcelona

San Pedrito

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Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Taco is one of our weak points. We have a special weakness for the original ones, not the American version. We think there are three places where you can eat good tacos in Barcelona. Since we cannot separate them from each other, we leave the addresses of all three below.

*San Pedrito

Address: Carrer de la Fusina, 6, 08003 Barcelona

*Tlaxcal Cantina & Taqueria

Address: C/ del Comerc, 27, 08003 Barcelona

*Restaurant Rosa Negra

Address: Via Laietana, 46, 08003 Barcelona

Parking Pizza

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This is our favorite pizza place in Barcelona. It has an industrial style design and you share the table with others. Of course, this is valid if you are not traveling as a group of 8-10 people. Prices are very reasonable and they don’t just do pizza. However, it may not be the right choice to come and eat pasta here when the place even has its own name as a pizzeria. Black truffle and margherita star recommendations.

Address: Pg. de Sant Joan, 56, 08009 Barcelona

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

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The first city that comes to mind when it comes to pizza may be Naples, and Da Michele in Naples. One of the branches opened in different cities of the world is in Barcelona. Even though the branches don’t usually taste the same, it wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t give it a chance. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite meet our expectations, but you may still want to try it. At least, you will have eaten in a place like a neighborhood kebab shop in Turkey, and you will satisfy your homesickness.

Address: Carrer de Concell de Cent 336 Barcelona

Puertecillo Born

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If you want to gorge on seafood for very cheap, prepare to stand in line at El Born. Right behind the El Born Cultural Center, in Puertecillo, which is loved by both tourists and locals, you can taste the products from the fresh fish counter chip, then you wait for them to cook. Did I mention the prices are sooooo cheap? Because the price is cheap, do not overlook the order quantity. Then you’ll have to look for Gaviscon like we do. Does not take reservations.

Address: Carrer Comercial, 7, 08003 Barcelona

Where to Have Breakfast in Barcelona?

Options for breakfast in Barcelona are almost endless. You can start the day with tapas or with a rich breakfast with eggs and pancakes. For example, although we generally went for options such as croissants and eggs, we started a day in Ciutat Comtal.

Bristol Cafe

17080449 3FF5 4C04 B2B0 A9D98223795D 1170x690 1

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

A place where you can call us a menu. Go straight in and have yourself a nice plate of cakes on the counter. The products on the menu are standard things you can find almost everywhere. Prices are not high. Reservation is not required.

Address: Carrer de Roger de Flor, 220, 08013 Barcelona

Ugot Bruncherie

Here, both the standard breakfast menu and the tarts and cakes are very nice. Therefore, we cannot directly say that we recommend this. Because they’re all our babies. The decoration is also very sweet. The only bad thing about this place is the long wait at the door and the worry that the cakes on the counter will run out while you wait.

Address: C. de Viladomat, 138, 08015 Barcelona

Billy Brunch

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Billy, which is at the top of the lists for an egg breakfast, is one of the most popular breakfast places in the city. The fact that they add a new branch to their list every time we look at them shows that everyone thinks the same as us. Although it is so popular, we can’t say that it got a passing grade from us. However, if you say you want to wait in line and decide for yourself, their breakfast is in the range of 10-15 € per person.

Address: C/ de Bailèn, 115, 08009 Barcelona

Creamat 11

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We can’t be objective towards Cremat, as it directly wins our hearts by melting both eggs and pancakes in one pot. We loved him very much. Breakfasts are in the range of 10-15 € per person. A place with plenty of options for vegans.

Address: Carrer Cremat Gran, 11, 08003 Barcelona

Federal Cafe

This is one of our old eyesores. We had a chance to try it when they weren’t that big yet, and we still don’t forget that breakfast. We did not try this place on our last tour, as it is better to keep some places alive in memories. We hope they did not spoil themselves too much while opening so many branches. If you try, please tell us about your experience in the comments section.

Address: C. del Parlament, 39, 08015 Barcelona

Milk Bar & Bistro

It is a very popular breakfast place even when social media has not yet determined popular places. One of our favorites for breakfast with eggs. Most importantly, even the poached chicken on the menu may be enough to come. One of the rare breakfast places that takes reservations.

Address: Carrer d’en Gignàs, 21, 08002 Barcelona, ​​Spain


Barcelona is home to several venues on the list of the world’s 50 best cocktail bars. Since this list is updated every year, places can be left out of the list and re-entered from time to time.

Dr Stravinsky

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If the aim is to only drink cocktails regardless of the concept of the venue – as we usually do – our favorite is Dr Stravinsky. They have a very interesting menu and you almost make your choice from a star map. Although they were dropped from the list this year, there were times when they were in the top 50. One of the places where we can give a starred UH recommendation. There isno restriction on clothing. Prices are around 10-15 €.

Address: Carrer dels Mirallers, 5, 08003 Barcelona


0FB5E656 41A0 4ACC 9910 EE5C19EAE85D 1170x690 1

Food and Drink Guide in Barcelona

Paradiso manages to be at the top of the top 50 list every year. Along with the proprietary success, it also brings long waiting times at the door. So prepare to spend most of the night waiting in line at the door. Here, before the cocktails, the venue itself and the presentations are at the forefront. Of course, these cocktails do not mean bad. But it’s too late for the cocktail to focus on other points. There is no restriction on clothing. However, that doesn’t mean you can enter with the Barcelona jersey. It is enough to have a little more casual clothes on. Prices are around 10-15 €.

Address: Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona

Bobby’s Free

6870923C D8B2 4BC5 BE47 EDBD19CF6B6F 1170x690 1
Again, a venue whose concept is ahead of its cocktail. From the outside, he looks like an ordinary barber. But if you know the password, instead of a haircut, you can access good cocktails in a bar straight out of the 80s. The password is published on Instagram accounts at the beginning of each month. Even if you don’t know the password, they give you plenty of clues to get you inside somehow 🙂 Prices are around 10-15 € again.

Address: C/ de Pau Claris, 85, 08010 Barcelona

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Train from London to Amsterdam



Train from London to Amsterdam

Is there anything more romantic than a train ride through Europe? If you’re looking to travel from London to Amsterdam, there are a few things you need to know. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything from the best time to book your tickets to what you can expect on the journey itself. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for a journey through some of Europe’s most stunning scenery.

What is the best way to travel from London to Amsterdam?

There are many ways to travel from London to Amsterdam, but the best way is by train. Trains between London and Amsterdam are frequent, reliable, and comfortable, making them the ideal way to travel between the two cities. Plus, with scenic views of the English countryside and Dutch countryside along the way, travelling by train is a great way to see more of Europe.

By Train

There are a few ways to get from London to Amsterdam by train. The first is to take the Eurostar from London to Brussels, and then take a connecting train to Amsterdam. This option is the fastest and most direct route, but it can be a bit expensive.

The second option is to take a train from London to Paris, and then take a connecting train to Amsterdam. This route takes a bit longer than the first option, but it can be cheaper.

The third option is to take a train from London to Frankfurt, and then take a connecting train to Amsterdam. This route takes even longer than the second option, but it can be even cheaper.

By Plane

The quickest way to get from London to Amsterdam is by plane. There are numerous direct flights between the two cities every day, and the flight time is just over an hour.

If you’re looking for a cheap flight, you can often find good deals on budget airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair. However, keep in mind that these airlines often have stricter baggage allowances and may not include things like food and drink on board.

If you’re looking for a more comfortable flight experience, there are also several major airlines that fly direct between London and Amsterdam. These include British Airways, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic.

By Bus

Buses are a popular way to travel between London and Amsterdam. There are many companies that offer regular services between the two cities, so it is easy to find a bus that suits your schedule and budget.

The journey by bus takes around 10 hours, including stops for breaks. Most companies offer comfortable seats and onboard entertainment, so the journey can be enjoyable.

The main downside of travelling by bus is the cost. Tickets are usually cheaper than train tickets, but they are still more expensive than flying. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, travelling by bus is a good choice.

Which is the best option for you?

When deciding whether to take the train or fly from London to Amsterdam, there are a few things to consider. If you’re looking for the quickest option, flying is usually the best bet. However, if you’re looking for a more scenic route or want to save some money, taking the train can be a great option.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which option is best for you:

– Travel time: Flying is typically quicker than taking the train, especially when factoring in travel time to and from airports. However, depending on your departure and arrival times, the train may actually be faster.

– Cost: Train tickets are usually cheaper than plane tickets, although this will vary depending on promotions and discounts. Click here to check ticket availability from .

– Luggage: If you’re travelling with a lot of luggage, flying may be easier since you won’t have to lug it around stations and onto trains. However, if you’re only carrying a small bag, taking the train can be more convenient.

– Flexibility: Trains offer more flexibility when it comes to schedules and stops. If your plans change last minute or you want to make a stop along the way, taking the train is usually your best bet.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get from London to Amsterdam, the train is definitely the way to go. Not only is it faster than flying, but it’s also more comfortable and less expensive. Plus, you’ll get to see some beautiful scenery along the way. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets today!

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The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands



The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands that you must visit. Learn about Dutch history live by wandering through beautiful villages and towns where you come across monuments, museums and art galleries. Here are the 10 most beautiful villages and towns you should visit in the Netherlands.

1. Elburg, Gelderland

One of the most beautiful locations in the Netherlands, Elburg is richly endowed with the magic of Lake Veluwemeer, national monuments and structures, and an array of war memorabilia. A good way to get to know them is on city walks organized by the Elburg Tourist Office. Thanks to these walks, you can visit all the historical sites, including Muurhuisje, where you can now get a glimpse of the past lifestyle. But you can also walk through Jewish Elburg or the harbor to take a look at the fish market. Of course, eating traditional eel on the last tour in Elburg is also a part of this trip.

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

2. Giethoorn, Overijssel, Netherlands

Water, water and more water. Giethoorn, the village that is also called the Venice of the Netherlands thanks to its many waterways, should definitely be a part of your route. Giethoorn is perhaps one of the largest tourist attractions in the Netherlands, and in any case welcomes thousands of tourists from different countries. In the picturesque landscape of Giethoorn there is only one cycling and walking path, all the rest take you across the water. If you wish, you can combine your trip to Giethoorn with an adventure in the nature of Weerribben-Wieden National Park, home to the otter and Black Star.

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

3. Limburg, Netherlands

There are many beautiful villages and towns in Limburg, but one of the most beautiful is Thorn. Once this white town was a small principality presided over by an abbot and 20 noble monastic ladies who ran their own monasteries. When the French arrived in 1794, they taxed the size of the windows of the houses. Because the poor could not afford it, the windows were covered with bricks and they made the houses all white to hide it. You can learn more about this special history at the gemeentemuseum het land van Thorn and the monastery that still exists.

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

4. Bourtange Castle, Groningen

You can go back centuries in the historical castle town of Bourtange. The castle was an important defensive structure, built between 1593 and 1851 by order of Willem van Orange. It ceased to exist as a defensive structure in 1851, and a village was created around it for people to live in. In the 60s of the last century, it was decided to restore Bourtange to its original form. Now it’s a beautiful fortified town where you can see the original building with a mill, church and houses from that time. In the interactive Terra Mora, the battles and artillery of that time come to life with the distant ‘Bommen Berend’ troops.

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

5. Appingedam, Groningen

Appingedam is a beautiful, small city in the province of Groningen with a population of around 12,000, one of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands. Along with the city of Groningen, it is the only place with its origins dating back to the Middle Ages. Appingedam is known for its authentic hanging kitchens above Damsterdiep. You can visit Museum City Appingedam and learn about the rich history of the city.

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

6. Hattem, Gelderland

Hattem is a small town in the northeast of Gelderland. It is famous for its historic city centre, a protected cityscape, the beautiful surroundings of the Veluwe and the Anton Pieck Museum. Pieck was one of the founders of his favorite attraction, De Efteling. While the museum is an entertainment center for parents with children, the bakery workshops of the Dutch Bakery Museum are an adult experience center. You can immerse yourself in nature while wandering around Hattem and the beautiful Molecaten Mansion.

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

7. Duurstede, the neighborhood near Utrecht

Wijk bij Duurstede was actually Dorestad, once an important trading post where Romans and Vikings marched. At Museum Dorestad, they take you to this interesting history of the city. In the restored ruins of Kasteel Duurstede, with a Donjon Square dating from 1270 and a Burgundy Tower, you can still see something of the flourishing and wealthy settlement of long ago. Wijk bij Duurstede is now also known as an art city, due to its many galleries and the poetry and sculpture path that runs through the city centre.

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

8. Monnickendam, North Holland

Monnickendam is located in Gouwzee, a small city of about 10,000 inhabitants and a large number of monument-listed buildings. Although almost impossible to imagine, the great seagoing ships of the past would have entered Monnickendam from the old Zuiderzee. This had also created a flourishing trade with the Baltic states. You can also visit the weekly market in this city and listen to the city carillonneur play the oldest still playable carillon in the Netherlands. Monnickendam is also part of the Municipality of Waterland, which consists of even more beautiful places in Waterland such as Marken and Broek. There you can take the best bike rides under the smoke of Amsterdam!

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands
9. Oudewater, Utrech

Oudewater is a small city of over 10,000 inhabitants in the province of Utrecht. It has a beautiful, historic city center and is part of the Dutch Waterline defense. At the start of the 80-year war, when the Spanish arrived in 1575, they massacred about half of Oudewater’s population. The Siege and massacre of Oudewater is still commemorated on the first Sunday after 7 August each year. You can learn more about this at the Oudewater City Museum. Additionally, you can take a city walk in Oudewater, St. You can see old churches like St. Michael’s Church. Don’t forget to taste the typical Oudewaterse ‘Geelbuikjes’ from the Stijnman bakery!

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

10. Doesburg, Gelderland

At the end of this list of beautiful villages in the Netherlands is Doesburg. Doesburg, a former Hanseatic city beautifully located on IJssel, in the province of Gelderland; It is full of monuments built one after another, beautiful museums, historic buildings and sneaked streets. The merchant houses and trade offices De Waag, Commanderij and Arsenal, which the city owes to the flourishing trade at that time, are noteworthy. You can climb the Grote or Martinikerk for a special view of the historic site, then sample the Doesburg mustard soup (and visit the Doesburgsche Mustard and Vinegar Factory if you’re a mustard fan), and stop by the Musee Lalique if you love glass art.

The 10 most beautiful villages and towns in the Netherlands

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Detailed Amsterdam City Map



Amsterdam City Map

Amsterdam City Map. With our free city map you will find all the important districts, attractions and streets in Amsterdam city centre.
With the Amsterdam map, you can explore this extraordinary city on your own. You can see all the important places, canals and parks at a glance. Click the image to download the city map.

Amsterdam City Map

China Town, Jordaan, 9 Straatjes, canal ring and many other highlights are clearly marked on the map. You can download our free map, save it to your mobile phone or print it out.

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