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“Mini home offices” will change the working order in the business world



mini offices netherlands

Mini home offices designed by Dutch architects respond to the need for an office environment at home for the remote working application, which has become more common with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Mini home offices designed by Dutch architects Cosmas Bronsgeest and Bart Berkhout stand out by providing office order and silence in the home, garden or roof environment.

Explaining mini home offices, architect Bronsgeest stated that his designs will radically change the working order in the business world.

Mini home offices offer solutions to the problems of distractions, focus and decreased productivity at home during the Covid-19 epidemic, where many people work from home.

Mini-offices made of sustainable materials and easily moved to different locations can also be transformed into bedrooms.

Mini offices of 6 square meters made of wood bring order and professionalism in the business environment to the home.


Bronsgeest stated that those who have small children or pets at home prefer mini offices to have the silence in the office environment.

Drawing attention to the sound insulation quality of mini-offices, Bronsgeest noted that this enables more efficient work.

Bronsgeest stated that mini home offices attracted great interest in Europe and the USA, and said that their posts about mini office on social media were viewed millions of times.

Cosmas Bronsgeest and Bart Berkhout my home office

Stating that they received orders from many parts of Europe and the Netherlands, Bronsgeest stated that they ordered 50 mini home offices for the parking lot of a company in Hamburg, Germany.


Bronsgeest stated that the home working system has many advantages, and that even after the epidemic ends, remote working has now become permanent.

Stating that many problems such as the difficulty of finding a place, high rents, illness or disruption of work in case of emergency at home are solved with mini offices, Bronsgeest said, “We have designed the new working order for the future.” said.


While many companies announced that they would make the remote working model permanent in the post-epidemic period, concerns were mentioned about ensuring sustainability and efficiency.

World-leading companies such as Google, Salesforce, Facebook and HSBC announced that they would switch to a permanent home working system a while ago.

Berry moved to the Netherlands for her art studies. She is living in Amsterdam for 16 years. You can see her in Amsterdam streets with her fancy pink bike. She is a professional photographer and blog journal lover.

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The Netherlands has the highest average number of bicycles per capita in the world



The Netherlands has the highest average number of bicycles per capita in the world

The Netherlands, with a population of 17 million, is the country with the highest average number of bicycles per capita in the world, with 23 million bicycles and an average of 1.3 bicycles per capita worldwide.

The bicycle, which is mostly used for commuting and transporting children to school in the country, is also preferred for entertainment regardless of the weather conditions.

With a population of 17 million, the Netherlands is known as the “land of bicycles” with 23 million bicycles and an average of 1.3 bicycles per capita worldwide.

Bicycles are used for work 22 percent, going to school 18 percent and shopping 14 percent. In addition, 31% use bicycles for entertainment and 16% for other purposes.

The Netherlands is the leader among the countries with the most distance traveled by bicycle in a day. Every cyclist in the country travels an average of 3 kilometers per day.

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Utrecht is the most bike friendly city in the world!



Utrecht is the most bike friendly city in the world!

The Dutch city of Utrecht has once again been named the world’s best city for cycling. Utrecht left behind cities famous for cycling, such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

The Global Cycling Cities Index, made by bike insurance company Luko, ranked 90 cities based on multiple factors. With this ranking, the company researched which city had the best atmosphere for cycling.

Cities were evaluated from many aspects such as investment in cycling, improvement of bicycle infrastructure, safety.

The categories were: weather, rate of cycling, crime and safety (deaths and accidents), infrastructure (bike shops, number and quality of bike lanes), sharing (bike sharing, rental initiatives), events (e.g. car-free day events).

The ranking was made out of 100. Utrecht topped the list with 77.84. Amsterdam, another city of the Netherlands famous for its bicycles, took the 5th place with 60.24 points.

Utrecht stood out with 51 percent bicycle use. In addition, the number and quality of cycle lanes and the municipality’s investment in bicycles were also striking. Utrecht also placed ahead of Amsterdam in the crime and safety category.

On the other hand, Amsterdam was ahead of Utrecht with its bike shops and bike sharing initiatives.

Here is the list of the world’s best cities for cycling:

1. Utrecht (77.84)
2. Munster (65.93)
3. Antwerp (60.51)
4. Copenhagen (60.46)
5. Amsterdam (60.24)
6. Malmo (55.88)
7. Hangzhou (52.55)
8. Bern (48.76)
9. Bremen (47.81)
10. Hanover (46.7)

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These apps are very useful if you live in the Netherlands!



These apps are very useful if you live in the Netherlands!

You’ve just arrived in the Netherlands or have lived here for a while, but your phone’s weather app doesn’t know when it’s raining. You get lost when you go somewhere, you can’t use your credit cards while shopping at Albert Heijn, you have to transfer money abroad or your Dutch friend has paid the bill and asks you for your coffee, but you don’t know what to do. Then this news is for you!

These apps are very useful if you live in the Netherlands!

Weather forecast

Anyone who comes to the Netherlands will quickly realize that the weather is the most talked about topic here. You ask why? Because the weather in the Netherlands is absolutely unpredictable by looking out the window, so checking the weather before going out is the first thing you should do. Especially if you plan to ride a bike!

These 3 applications show the arrival, time and speed of the rain on the map and help you take action accordingly: Buienradar, Accuweather, Weeronline.


If you have come to the Netherlands but do not know where and how to go, 9292 will give you all the buses, trams, metros and even trains on the clock; It is an application that shows you from which stop you will transfer and which one you will continue with.

Google Maps: You can see public transport with Google Maps, but one of the best things about the Netherlands is that it shows bike paths. Apart from that, you can look at which streets to walk and see the nearby markets or restaurants. 

UBER: You can’t see a taxi around but there is a place you need to drive to or you want to get home late at night and you missed the night train. For this, Uber comes to where you are and drops you where you want.

TAXI TCA (Amsterdam): If you live in Amsterdam or visit Amsterdam often, TCA is one of the largest and most reliable taxi companies in Amsterdam. TCA’s application is definitely useful when you need a taxi.

NS: The app of the Dutch train network NS is ideal for you if you are constantly using trains. It not only allows you to view train times, but also allows you to access your train tickets from your phone.

Flitsmeister: If you have a car, you should definitely download this app. The application, which is valid for Dutch and Belgian roads, gives you information about traffic updates, speed cameras, speed traps, road works and closed roads while you are driving; It also warns you when you are near emergency vehicles.


You might be surprised how little cash is used when you first arrive in the Netherlands. Because a bank card is usually used here and no you need a Dutch bank card, not your own bank card.

Bunq: Bunq gives you 3 months to report your BSN number and you can simply download the app and open an account quickly, so you have a debit card that you can use without your BSN number. You can then open an account with a Dutch bank such as ING or ABN Amro or continue using Bunq.

Tikkie: You’re very likely to hear “Send me a Tikkie” or “I sent you a Tikkie” when you’re dining at a restaurant or having coffee with someone from the Netherlands.

An online payment app that lets you send payment requests via Tikkie, WhatsApp or other messaging services. Once you accept, it instantly transfers the money between your bank accounts. The Dutch are very good at splitting accounts, don’t be surprised if you get Tikkie requests from your friends even for 10 cents!

Wise (TransferWise): If you need to transfer money frequently and you are tired of banks’ high transfer fees, Wise will come in handy. Wise is a free website/app that you can use to send money from the Netherlands abroad or from abroad to the Netherlands in a much more convenient way. In addition, you usually have your money in 1 hour without having to wait for days.

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