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Best sushi restaurants in Amsterdam



Best sushi restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of sushi restaurants, but what are the real gems? Chances are you will find some real hidden sushi gemsin Amsterdam is not yet known. And they don’t have to be very expensive. We researched and collected the very best sushi restaurants in Amsterdam, especially for you. Because what’s better than an evening of lemurs, nigiri and handrolls? After the photos below, your mouth is already watering.

1. Akitsu

On the corner of Rozengracht, next to the Fire Station, you will find Akitsu. The menu is traditional Japanese and offers more than just standard sushi. Expect high quality Japanese delicacy.

Rozengracht 228-230, Akitsu

2. Zushi

For the extra experience, go to Zushi. At Zushi you eat sushi the way it should be: on a conveyor belt. Choose à la carte dishes or specials from the band.

Amstel 20, Zushi

3. Sushilee

You can also enjoy good sushi at the Zuidas. At Sushilee you can eat the more famous sushi combinations, different types of sashimi and nigiris. The restaurant has an LA-like atmosphere: light, clean and cozy.

George Gershwinlaan 534, Sushilee

4. AND

One of Amsterdam’s kept secrets is EN Japanese kitchen & Sake bar. The Japanese owners once came to Amsterdam to work for Yamazato at Hotel Okura, but to our great fortune they opened their own restaurant serving high quality Japanese cuisine.

Dusartstraat 53h, EN

5. Sushi ‘n Sake

Between the Surinamese roti spots and Indian tokos, you will also find Sushi ‘n Sake, a cozy Japanese place on the Dapperstraat. Eat fresh sushi and sashimi at the bar or one of the few tables, accompanied by a glass of sake.

Dapperstraat 34a, Sushi ‘n Sake

6. Dragon I

Ask many Amsterdammers about their secret sushi spot and they answer with Dragon I. This place may not look very attractive at first glance, but the food you get served there certainly is.

Amstelveenseweg 154HS, Dragon I

7. Kagetsu

Even though you are in Hartenstraat, at Kagetsu you imagine yourself in Japan. Small but very nice.

Hartenstraat 17, Kagetsu

8. Nooch

Another top shop in the Nine Streets: Nooch. At this cozy little place in the always nice Reestraat you can eat a mix of sushi, sashimi, noodles, rice dishes and more Japanese dishes.

Reestraat 11, Nooch

9. Kaiko

Kaiko is currently temporarily closed.

Real Japanese in Amsterdam have been visiting Kaiko for years. The business is small, hard to find and has no website. However, reservation is a must. And believe us, it’s worth it.

Jeker Street 114, Kaiko

10. Geisha

Modern Japanese, but atmospheric; that’s the best way to describe Geisha. You can eat delicious sushi here within walking distance of Central Station. Fun fact: they also serve dim sum.

Prins Hendrikkade 106A, Geisha

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Berry moved to the Netherlands for her art studies. She is living in Amsterdam for 16 years. You can see her in Amsterdam streets with her fancy pink bike. She is a professional photographer and blog journal lover.

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Most beautiful terraces in Maastricht



Most beautiful terraces in Maastricht

Which restaurants have the most beautiful terraces in Maastricht? Maastricht is the city to be if you want to enjoy the Burgundian life. Lucky you if you live in this beautiful city, but it is also the perfect destination for a weekend break or a holiday in your own country . Enough to experience and it often feels a bit like being abroad. The capital of Limburg has many nice terraces to enjoy a snack, a drink and to catch maximum sun along the Maas. We recommend the best places for your next drink in Mestreech.

Most beautiful terraces in Maastricht

1. Lure

This nice restaurant with a cozy terrace is located in the center of Maastricht, but in a neighborhood where not many people come. So if you don’t want to sit in the middle of the hustle and bustle, you’ve come to the right place. Moreover, on the way here you will pass beautiful places of the city. There are delicious fine dining specialties on the menu, which you can indulge in. You are always among the locals , so you know for sure that you are in the right place!

Restaurant Lure, Grote Looiersstraat 7, Maastricht

2. Bistro Bar ‘t Wycker Cabinet

This trendy restaurant is the place to be if you want good food. Start your day with eggs royale, pain perdu or freshly baked banana bread. Settle down here for a fresh salad, club chicken, various tasty sandwiches and croquettes de maison for lunch. Or try one of the classic bistro dishes from the French kitchen for dinner. In any case, you will never go home hungry here.

‘t Wycker Cabinet, Wyckerbrugstraat 29b, Maastricht

3. Noon

This is perhaps the most handsome terrace in town. Noon is located right next to the river Maas and is without doubt the sunniest terrace in Maastricht. Enjoy lunch, dinner or drinks here from 12 noon. cheers!

NOON, Griend 6-7, Maastricht

4.Country estate Slavante

You have to get out of the city for a while and go up the Sint-Pietersberg, but then Slavante is also perfect for you. Enjoy the view, the peace, nature and the delicious snacks.

Country estate Slavante, Slavante 1, Maastricht

5. Cafe South

Café Zuid is located in the youngest part of Maastricht Céramique (the architecture district). A wonderful spot with a great terrace on the water, overlooking the Maas, the residential towers of Céramique and the Charles Eyck park. Get that ultimate holiday feeling in one of the beach chairs, while you order another round of tapas.

Café South, Square 1992 NO 15, Maastricht

Most beautiful terraces in Maastricht


You will never leave this terrace! The terrace of Sofa is located near the Maastricht Marina and the Hoogenweerth Castle. After a bit of sailing (or driving) you can join us here for the creamy shellfish soup or the famous truffle pasta. The wine list is also full of recommendations. A place for terrace lovers with taste!

Sofa, Hogeweerd 6, Maastricht

7.In den Ouden Vogelstruys

In den Ouden Vogelstruys is one of the most famous restaurants in Maastricht. The old business is located right in the center on the Vrijthof in the city. You have a beautiful view of the ‘churches twins’ (the Sint-Janskerk and the Sint-Servaas) and the square. You can enjoy a nice drink, lunch, dinner or local specialties.

Fun fact: the map is written in Maastricht dialect. But don’t worry, the friendly service will always help you with this.

In den Ouden Vogelstruys, Vrijthof 15, Maastricht

8.La Canasta

Imagine yourself abroad on the lovely terrace of La Canasta. You can enjoy tasty tapas with a view of the Maastricht skyline on this sun-drenched terrace on the Maas. Here you can order tapas with a twist. Which means that the menu also has dishes based on Burgundian, French or even Asian cuisine.

La Canasta, Cörversplein 9, Maastricht

9.The Governor

Are you a fan of specialty beer? Then you should definitely take a look at the specialty beers on offer from De Gouverneur. On a sunny day you can relax to the maximum on this spacious terrace!

The Governor, Boschstraat 105a, Maastricht

10.Cafe Chic

The terrace of Café Sjiek is located between the trees, so you will find the perfect mix of sun and shade. Chic has been a household name in Maastricht since 1982 and is popular among both residents and tourists. Try the creamy leek soup, the Pasta Zafferano or one of the typical Limburg meat dishes from the ‘Classy card’.

Café Chic, Sint Pieterstraat 13, Maastricht

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Best vegan restaurants in the Netherlands



Best vegan restaurants in the Netherlands

Which are the best vegan restaurants in the Netherlands? Existing restaurants are opting en masse for a more plant-based menu, and fully vegan restaurants have also sprouted up like mushrooms in recent years . There’s no getting around it: vegan is a trend. Great for anyone who likes to consume more consciously, and who has topics such as animal welfare and the environment high on their agenda. But don’t think that you have to be at least vegetarian to enter a vegan restaurant. These vegan restaurants manage to convince even the most fanatical carnivores of plant-based delicacies. The menu is diverse, the house style on point and the atmosphere excellent.Wondering where to go in the Netherlands for the most delicious plant-based dishes? The best vegan restaurants (including some newcomers!) in a row.

Best vegan restaurants in the Netherlands

  1. Mama Gaia, Haarlem

    Mama Gaia: a fairly new vegan restaurant in Haarlem. Here you eat in the style of the Japanese Kaiseki, which means that you get small dishes, with subtle flavors and an artistic presentation. Well, no one says ‘no’ to that. JAN’s tip for those who sometimes ask for a really full Chardonnay and are often disappointed: ask this question at Mama Gaia, and you are guaranteed to get a glass that you can appreciate.

    Gonnetstraat 26, Haarlem

    2. Cafe de Ceuvel, Amsterdam

    ‘A better world starts on your plate,’ says Cafe de Ceuvel in Amsterdam-Noord. And the team is committed to that with verve; always looking for the vegetable cream of the crop, which ticks off the whole list: more sustainable, vegan, and simply delicious. Bonus points? At this vegan restaurant you look out over the water.

    Short Papaverweg 4, Amsterdam

    3. Gys

    At GYS in Utrecht, everything is gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan. You come here for comfort food dishes such as Ramen, Rendang or a good burger, but then the most responsible version. The mission of GYS: to continuously create exciting, new vegan dishes that make your taste buds, body and the planet happy.

    Voorstraat 77, Utrecht

    4. Oliver Green, Amsterdam

    Oliver Green in Amsterdam is the healthy hotspot for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are two branches, on Kinkerstraat and Weesperzijde. The menu includes smoothies, salads and hot and cold bowls, such as the Mighty Mushroom and the Very Bery. Oliver Green believes that eating plant -based whole foods without added sugars and oils is best for our bodies and the planet, and has a hip interior with a vibe to match.

    Eerste Oosterparkstraat 7H, Amsterdam (or Kinkerstraat 74A, Amsterdam)

    5. At Albrecht, Eindhoven

    The mission of restaurant Bij Albrecht in Eindhoven is very clear: to be a restaurant ‘with a minimal footprint, inspiring for a plant-based kitchen.’ And that suits Chef Manfred well, because everyone really likes to sit here. Usually in the restaurant, but every now and then they put some tables in an idyllic vegetable garden, so keep an eye on their socials.

    Gagelstraat 6, Eindhoven

    6. Waku Waku, Utrecht

    At House of Waku Waku you can expect true works of art. All vegan, and just to throw in the cliché: just to die for. You will find them a stone’s throw from Utrecht Central Station, opposite the well-known Tivoli Vredenburg. Oh yes, on Tripadvisor it still says that they are closed, but since March 7, 2022, Waku Waku has opened its doors again.

    Vredenburg 28, Utrecht

    Best vegan restaurants in the Netherlands

    7. The New Store, Nijmegen

    A vegan restaurant with a Michelin star! ‘I don’t really have a normal restaurant. Of course, I have food. Very nice food even. But I’m also trying to make you think. To marvel. To be surprised. What grows in your backyard is on my plate,’ says the owner of De Nieuwe Winkel, a vegan restaurant in Nijmegen. Music to the ears for those who like to eat more consciously, a surprising challenge for those who actually prefer to sit down at McDonalds. At De Nieuwe Winkel, the dishes move along with nature; a poetic way of saying that the menu depends on the harvest.

    Brothers of Limburgplein 7, Nijmegen

    8. Mr. & Mrs. Watson

    Do you like to eat vegan, but are you also a big fan of cheese? Then you are with mr. & Mrs. Watston in Amsterdam at the right place. In addition to delicious vegan cheese fondues and boards, there are also healthy classics and warm dishes such as pasta on the menu. The name of the restaurant? That has to do with Donald Watson, who introduced the word ‘veganism’ in 1944.

    Linnaeuskade 3H, Amsterdam

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30+, 48+, 50+: Which cheese is best to choose?



30+, 48+, 50+: Which cheese is best to choose?

The Dutch are real cheese heads. On average, we eat more than 11 kilos per year. Yet many people do not know what the indications on the cheese packaging mean. For example, what is the difference between 30+ and 48+? Cheese connoisseurs tell us how it is.

Designations such as 30+, 48+ and 50+ say something about the fat content in the dry matter of the cheese. “Cheese consists of a part water and a part dry matter, consisting of fats, proteins, salt and minerals,” says Lidewij Verweij, quality manager at De Producent. “When you buy a 48+ cheese – the Gouda cheese as most people know it – 48 percent of that dry matter consists of fats.”

In the Netherlands it is very common to indicate the fat content with the plus sign. This is less common abroad, says Verweij. Why the fat percentage is calculated on the basis of the dry matter is easy to explain. “When a cheese ripens, it loses moisture. Old cheese therefore contains less moisture than young cheese. Due to the changing amount of moisture, the percentage of fat of the entire cheese constantly changes.”

“This makes it easier to determine the fat percentage based on the dry matter, which always remains the same during ripening,” explains Verweij. “As a result, an old cheese of 50+ contains more fat than a young cheese of 50+, because the young cheese contains more moisture.”

Difference between farm cheese and factory cheese

The fat percentage in cheese depends on the milk the makers use. “Cheese from the factory is creamed. The makers separate the fat from the milk. The fat can be added later to achieve the desired fat percentage.” This works differently with farmhouse cheeses. “The milk is not skimmed here and the process is less standardized.”

“I prefer 30+ or ​​leaner cheeses. But many people find these less tasty than the 48+ cheeses.”

Nienke Kreté-Tolhuijs, dietician and lifestyle coach

The rules for the markings on factory cheeses and farm cheeses differ for that reason. “Whereas on a 48+ cheese from the factory there is a strict margin of 48-52 percent fat in the dry matter, 48+ is only a minimum for a farmer’s cheese. In reality, this percentage can be higher with a farmer’s cheese than on the packaging is.”

Which cheese is best to choose?

There is a clear difference in saturated fat between low-fat and lower-fat cheeses. Cheese with the designation 40+ is not in the Wheel of Five , all cheese with less fat is. “If you opt for a block of 20+ cheese, you will get 0.8 grams of saturated fat, whereas with a block of 48+ that is 2 grams.”

Cheese can be part of a healthy diet. “It is a good source of calcium, which supports strong bones,” says Nienke Kreté-Tolhuijs, dietician and lifestyle coach at Mood & Food. “I prefer 30+ or ​​leaner cheeses, but many people find these less tasty than the 48+ cheeses.”

“If you opt for 48+, make sure you don’t eat more than 30 grams a day. Cheese mainly contains saturated fat. Saturated fat raises the bad cholesterol in the blood, so you really want to get as little of this as possible. .

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