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Delicious Dutch Cookies



The delicious biscuits of the Netherlands! Biscuits are undoubtedly the best thing to go with hot tea on these cold winter days. We have compiled the traditional biscuits, cookies and cakes of the Netherlands for you. Here is the best couple with a cup of coffee or tea in our list. the Enjoy your Dutch cookies!

Gevulde koek

(Gevulde koeken, Dutch Filled Cookie)

Gevulde koek is a popular Dutch cookie with a tender, crumbly texture and a buttery flavor. The name of this tasty treat means filled cookie, referring to the fact that it is filled with a sweet, moist almond paste. The cookies can be found throughout the country, from posh bakeries to small kiosks located at most Dutch train stations.

Roze Koek

(Moesselientjes, Pink Cake)

Inexpensive and easy to prepare, roze keuk is a simple Dutch dessert consisting of eggs, flour, butter, and sugar, resulting in a sweet and tender cake. It is characterized by the pink icing on top (hence the name), made with powdered sugar, berry juice, milk, and optional red food coloring.

When the cakes are done and the icing has dried, roze koeken are often paired with a cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes, these small treats are sold in other colors such as orange, which is especially popular during football matches.

Jan Hagel

(Janhagel, Hollanders, Sugar Hail Cookies, Dutch Hail Cookies)

Jan Hagel are traditional Dutch cookies that are a part of the Feast of St. Nicholas and the Christmas tradition in the Netherlands. They consist of a flaky, buttery shortbread crust, a variety of crunchy nuts such as almonds or walnuts, and crystallized sugar.

Due to the fact that the word janhagel denotes an unruly mob or a swarm, it is believed that the unusual name is quite fitting for these cookies made with a variety of nuts. The inventor of janhagels is still unknown, but apart from the Netherlands, there are many sources linking the cookies to France and Belgium.

What is known, though, is that they date back to at least the 17th century.

Maria Kaakje

Maria cookies can be eaten alone or dipped in hot or cold milk, tea, hot or cold chocolate and tea, among other things. You can also prepare a sandwich with two biscuits, smearing them with butter, peanut butter, condensed milk, jam, dulce de leche and so on.



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