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The most romantic hotels & Airbnb’s in the Netherlands



The most romantic hotels & Airbnb's in the Netherlands

Looking for a romantic get-away? JAN has good tips for you. A list with seven romantic hotels and airbnb’s in the Netherlands, from stately castle to small yet stylish forest hut. And of course we also found romantic stays on the beach, the Amsterdam canals and one in idyllic Limburg. Each and every one of them has been rated the best by couples, with everything you need for a romantic night away.

These romantic hotels & airbnbs in Netherlands are best rated by couples:

1. Parc Broekhuizen, Leersum

It is a good place to stay at Parc Broekhuizen. Just ask the couples who have been here before and have put this hotel on the map with a 9.7. Bonus points? Parc Broekhuizen is a culinary estate on which one of the two restaurants was awarded a Michelin star. Extra tip: go for the parc suite or the terrace suite if you want to take this romantic get-away to the next level. Price: from €166 per night.

Broekhuizerlaan 2, Leersum

2. Room in boutique hotel, Baexem (Limburg)

This Limburg boutique hotel is located in a sober castle, and surrounded by an amazing botanical garden. There you will find many cosy, hidden seating areas; perfect for a moment together. Moreover, only guests are allowed in that garden, and with only five accommodations, there is a good chance that you just have the entire garden to yourself. You could almost forget the rooms: each and every one of them is worth a visit. The score? A 9.2, according to the couples who preceded you. Price: from €96 per night.

Castle Road 7, Baexem

3. Hotel The Noblemen, Amsterdam

It feels a bit like stepping into a Rembrandt, with attributes that give the vibe of old explorers (stargazers, globes and old coins, that kind of stuff). Now that can turn out completely wrong, but Hotel The Noblemen makes it attractive. It is not for nothing that this hotel ( including spa facilities ) is rated with a 9.6. Couples in love go even further: a 9.9! Price: from €240 per night.

Leidsegracht 14, Amsterdam

To grab right away: the nicest terraces in Amsterdam .

4.Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche, Baarn

Admittedly: for romance you quickly end up at castles. Now we have made this list a lot more diverse, but here it is: De Hooge Vuursche Castle. Freddy Heineken’s ‘safe house’ for a while – you are probably familiar with the necessity of this, but now you can also spend the night there if you are not on the run from potential kidnappers. Couples give De Hooge Vuursche a 9.6, and that needs no explanation in this case. Price: from €250 per night.

Hilversumsestraatweg 14, Baarn

5. Nobel Houses & Lofts, Ameland

Have you always wanted to sleep in a yurt or loft, but always backtrack because it’s outside your comfort zone? we get it. At Nobel Houses & Lofts you sleep in an Ibiza-like bohemian atmosphere, without compromising on design and luxury. You can get a breath of fresh air on the beach practically around the corner (it is Ameland after all), and to be honest: the coast is the ideal place to breathe new life into the romance. And those who don’t like the loft style; they also have fantastic church suites. Price: from €120 per night.

Gerrit Kosterweg 16, Ballum

6. Boutique Bungalow, Rheezerveen (Hardenberg region)

A brand new airbnb, with a lot of romantic features . The fireplace, for example, the conservatory with which you can look into the natural beauty and of course the wellness facilities. The ideal place for a romantic movie evening after your forest walk, if you are tired of the sauna and hot tub. Rated 4.8/5 stars. Price: from €175 per night.

Rheezerveen, Overijssel

7. De vijf suites, Elp (regio Assen)

In an idyllic farmhouse, one with a thatched roof and black weatherboards, you will find modern equipped suites. They are especially popular with couples; a 9.5 for a trip for two. That probably has something to do with the fairytale landscape, the sauna, communal garden and the hospitality of owners Wil and Ruthy. Looking at the rave reviews, these suites just tick all the boxes. Price: from €110 per night.

Hogebrinksweg 1, Elp

Berry moved to the Netherlands for her art studies. She is living in Amsterdam for 16 years. You can see her in Amsterdam streets with her fancy pink bike. She is a professional photographer and blog journal lover.


Getting married in the Netherlands: All information for your dream wedding in the Netherlands



Getting married in the Netherlands

Getting married in the Netherlands means having a wonderful ceremony on the beach or on a large sailing ship in the middle of the sea. That’s why we want to recommend Holland to you to get married.

We’ll tell you everything you need to have a dream wedding there.

How to get married in the Netherlands

In Holland you can have both a civil and a church wedding. However, only the civil marriage is legally valid. In addition, one of you must be Dutch or have your domicile or habitual residence in the Netherlands. Otherwise it is not possible to get married in Holland.

Where to get married in the Netherlands

Whether it’s romantic in the lighthouse with a view of the sea, on a sailing boat trip on the sea or directly on the beach with your feet in the sand – Holland also offers you wonderful places to get married outside of the registry office, because the registry officials come everywhere.

When is the best time to get married in the Netherlands?

From June to August you have the best weather conditions for your wedding in Holland.

You need these documents for a wedding in the Netherlands

Valid passports or ID cards
International birth certificates (you can get them at the registration office of your place of birth)
Extract from the population register or proof of Dutch nationality
An international marriage certificate (you can get this from the registry office in your municipality)
If divorced: final, certified divorce decree
If widowed: certified death certificate

Foreigners must also regularly present a certificate from the Dutch immigration authorities (vreemdelingendienst) to the police when ordering a riot police, in accordance with the law on the prevention of sham marriages, which has been in force in the Netherlands since the end of 1994.

The application form (M46 form) for this certificate will not be submitted until all the above documents are received. The form does not have to be submitted if the foreign partner in question has a permanent residence permit in the Netherlands, or both partners live abroad for an indefinite period of time, or the foreign partner in question is an EU citizen and is registered in the Netherlands (in the GBA).

Magical Dutch wedding customs

In Holland it is not bad luck if the groom sees his bride before the wedding. Because in the Netherlands it is customary for the groom to personally pick up the bride at home before the wedding and give her the bridal bouquet. Then the two drive together to the church or to the registry office.

At the wedding celebration, a wedding tree, which usually consists of a large branch, is set up next to the bridal couple. In addition, all guests receive a pretty ribbon, pen and piece of paper to write down wishes for the bridal couple and then attach them to the wedding tree. Thus, the tree visually receives leaves consisting of affectionate wishes.

After the wedding, the bridal couple plants lilies of the valley around their house, because the flowers bloom every year and so the love of the bridal couple should bloom again every year.

Wedding Photographer & Videographer In Netherlands

La Win Wedding, a famous wedding photographer in the Netherlands, is very popular with many people. They have a wide portfolio. They serve all over Europe.

Instagram Page: La Win Wedding Instagram Page

Get a price offer:  La Win Wedding Photography

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Dutch not thinking of saving despite water scarcity



washing tire 2000x

The Netherlands is facing water shortages, in the official statement of Infrastructure and Water Affairs Minister Mark Harbers on Wednesday. 

Despite this statement and the minister’s recommendation to use less water, 48 percent of Dutch residents said they did not plan to use less water. 4000 people participated in the survey conducted by Hart van Nederland.

As a result of the survey, it was revealed that women will pay more attention to water use than men. More than half of the men reported that the amount of water they would use would be the same.
Older people, on the other hand, view the savings advice positively. 57 percent aged 50 and over said they aim to use less water because of the possibility of scarcity. 62 percent under the age of 30 stated that they will not reduce their water use.
Three-quarters of the 46 percent who will pay attention to water use said that they plan to do this by taking a shorter shower. Half of 46 percent reported that they would water their gardens and balconies less and fill their swimming pools and jacuzzis less.

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Dutch Minister of Infrastructure: We are facing water scarcity




According to the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Mark Harbers, yesterday, the Netherlands is officially facing water shortages. According to the minister’s statement, no extra measures have been taken regarding this issue yet, but if the drought continues, various measures will be taken.

The Minister stated that the situation is quite serious and that this problem should be addressed from a national perspective, not a local one.
Harbers said that while drinking water is sufficient at the moment, citizens should now be more careful when using the water. “Please think twice before washing your car or filling your pool.”
Currently, some water boards in the country are already taking steps to deal with the famine and have imposed a ban on irrigation for farmers who own arable land. The water level in the IJsselmeer lake, where most of the country’s drinking water comes from, is also kept as high as possible.
The Dutch government has also set up a special team of government, water board officials, drinking water companies and local governments to make the necessary decisions.
The Netherlands is experiencing its fifth water shortage this century. In 2003, the drought reached level 3 and caused a national crisis. Currently, it is listed as level 2, indicating that it is facing a famine.

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