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Russia invades Ukraine: All Updates



Russia invades Ukraine All Updates

Russia launched the Ukraine operation: Here are all the updates.

Russian President Putin announced that they have decided to take a military operation.

In his speech, Putin said, “Modern Russia, established after the collapse of the Soviet Union, is the greatest power in the world. No one should doubt that this will lead to the defeat of the aggressors. All Ukrainian soldiers who laid down their arms will be able to reunite with their families without any hindrance. All responsibility for the spilled blood rests with the conscience of the Kiev regime. will be,” he said.

russia ukraine war 1

The developments since the beginning of the military operation in the region are as follows:

UPDATE: 22.32

The Pentagon announced that they will deploy 7,000 additional troops to Europe, upon the instruction of US President Biden.

UPDATE: 21.46

US President Joe Biden announced the new sanctions and export restrictions that they will apply against Russia.


UPDATE: 21.17

The Office of the President of Ukraine announced that the Russian army has captured Chernobyl.


UPDATE 21:28

Russia is not yet disconnected from SWIFT.
The list of sanctions agreed upon by Western countries does not exclude Russia from the international interbank system SWIFT, as the Ukrainian authorities insisted .

Biden said at the briefing that Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT “is not yet the position that the rest of Europe wants to take.”

He stressed that the sanctions imposed on Russian banks “have the same consequences, and perhaps more serious than [disconnection from] SWIFT.”

According to a number of Western media outlets, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Cyprus opposed Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT.


UPDATE: 21.04

In a statement made by the Russian Ministry of Defense, it was noted that the entry of Russian troops into the city of Kherson made it possible to reopen the North Crimean Canal and restore water supply to the peninsula.

UPDATE: 20.40

Britain announced new sanctions against Russia. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that the UK will exclude Russia from the world economy.

UPDATE: 19.53

Officials of the Donetsk People’s Republic announced that the Ukrainian army opened more than 10 shots at a large number of settlements in an hour.

UPDATE: 19.18

President of Ukraine Zelensky announced that Ukraine has offered to return to the path of peace.

UPDATE: 19.04

Ukrainian lawmakers urged Ukrainian President Zelensky to ‘start negotiations with Russian President Putin immediately’

UPDATE: 18.41

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, made statements about Russia’s operation in Ukraine.

Stating that the USA has cut off the dialogue with Russia, Zaharova stated that the war in Ukraine has been going on for eight years and that the current actions of Russia are an attempt to end the war.

UPDATE: 18.19

In the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, the mayor announced that a curfew was declared in the city.

Ukraine tank burning

UPDATE: 17.45

It was recorded that the control of Antonov Airport, which is approximately 40 km from Kiev, Ukraine, was seized by the Russian Airborne Troops.

UPDATE: 17.40

Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Emir Abdullahiyan stated that the situation in Ukraine was caused by NATO provocations and called for focusing on the solution of the problem through political and democratic means.


UPDATE: 17.25

A bomb hit a Turkish ship flying the Marshall Islands flag in the Black Sea.

The General Directorate of Maritime Affairs announced that the ship, which was hit off the coast of Odessa, Ukraine, damaged the hold of the ship Jupiter, belonging to YA-SA Shipping, departing from Odessa and heading towards Romania.

UPDATE: 17.13

Russia announced that since the start of the military operation against Ukraine, 70 military targets, including 11 airports, have been hit.

UPDATE: 16.50

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu warned the Russian army to “treat the Ukrainian soldiers with respect”. In a statement made by the Russian Ministry of Defense, it was announced that the Russian Armed Forces shot down a military helicopter of the Ukrainian army and 4 Bayraktar TB-2 type unmanned aerial vehicles in Donbass.

The Ministry stated that Su-25 warplanes also crashed in Donbass due to technical failure, and the pilot survived.

UPDATE: 16.20

“Special operations in Ukraine are being conducted to prevent a global war, not to start a war,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The Russian Government also stated that they are prepared against the sanctions of the West and said, “Russia has sufficient financial resources to ensure the stability of the financial system in the face of sanctions and external threats.”

russia ukraine war 2

Bayraktar alone does not work!

Data on the role played by SİHA Bayraktars in the latest Russia-Ukraine crisis is not yet available. However, it is known that the TB2s, which were operationally supplied to the Ukrainian Air Force, were previously used in the eastern regions in crisis. It is understood that the Russian Armed Forces, which had previously encountered TB2s in the Syria, Libya and Karabakh Wars and were unexpectedly adversely affected, directly intervened in this issue in the Ukraine operation. It is also confirmed that TB2 SİHAs, which are dependent on the ground command-control and radar system for their activities, are not a force that can stand alone against an integrated attack by a modern army, unlike the relatively low-level combats they were involved in before – until the contrary information comes.

UPDATE: 16.16

A massive explosion occurred as a result of the Russian attack on the air base in Melitopol.


NATO planes can’t fly over Ukraine

With the launch of military action against Ukraine, Russia declared that the airspace of this country was closed to all kinds of flights. According to unconfirmed information, the Russian Air Force, which caused large-scale casualties to the Ukrainian air defense systems, is seen as the ruler of the Ukrainian skies. In this environment, NATO intelligence planes, which were performing aerial reconnaissance missions, especially in the eastern regions, until a few days ago, cannot use the Ukrainian airspace.

Russia invades Ukraine All Updates2

Russia invades Ukraine All Updates2

The embargo will not affect the Russian defense industry in the short term

The effects of the escalation with Russia’s military action against Ukraine and the embargo, which is on the agenda during the crisis, on the Russian defense industry are also being evaluated. According to the authorities, it is stated that this industrial branch, which has been operating under an embargo to a certain extent since the Crimean Crisis that broke out in 2014, is prepared for the new situation and that there is no negative impact in the short term.

russia ukraine war 1

UPDATE: 15.40

The Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine announced that a plane belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine crashed in the Kiev region, 10 of the 14 people on board died.

The reason for the crash has not been disclosed yet.

UPDATE: 15.10

It is stated that the town of Hostomel in Kiev was attacked and operated by a Russian helicopter.

It was stated that a helicopter was damaged during the operation, while the Ukrainian border guards passed the information that “Russian helicopters attacked the military airport near Kiev”. On the other hand, it is claimed that explosion sounds are coming from Kiev.

UPDATE: 14.20

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made a statement after the Russian operation. We thought war of this magnitude was gone. NATO made decisions. Stoltenberg said, “We are applying economic sanctions on Russia with our allies. Thus, we will impose heavy sanctions on Russia. NATO is already supporting Ukraine. We will continue to stand together. We condemn the invasion of Russia. Our allies will stand together,” Stoltenberg said.

UPDATE: 13.10

According to the news of Reuters, in the statement made by the Ukrainian Presidential adviser, it was stated that more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers lost their lives and dozens of wounded.


UPDATE: 12.40

President of Ukraine Zelensky said, “We distribute weapons to anyone who can handle a weapon. “We want everyone who can join the military to come,” he said. “Ukraine is being attacked from the air, from the north to the south,” Zelenskiy said. Zelensky also stated that Ukraine has cut off all diplomatic relations with Russia.

UPDATE: 12.25

Donetsk People’s Republic. He announced that three settlements were bombed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

UPDATE: 12.00

A Ukrainian warplane entered Romanian airspace. F-16 planes under the NATO force in Romania took off, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. The pilot was detained.

UPDATE: 11.46

Kılıçdaroğlu said, “A country with nuclear power is putting its military forces into a country without nuclear power, and the whole world is watching. What will Turkey do? Security Summit meeting. Convene the Parliament urgently,’ he said.

UPDATE: 11.42

Moldovan President Maia Sandu announced that the Moldovan government will ask the parliament to declare a state of emergency in the country due to the situation in Ukraine. The President of Lithuania, Nauseda, announced that he signed the decree declaring the state of emergency in the country and sent it to the parliament for approval.

UPDATE: 11.32

Lukashenko: Belarusian troops do not take part in the Russian special operation in Ukraine

UPDATE: 11.30am

Vaysl Bodnar, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Ankara, claimed that ‘there are serious losses in the Russian army’. Noting that they expect support from Turkey, Bodnar said, “We conveyed our official request to the Turkish side regarding the closure of the airspace and the Dardanelles and Bosphorus for Russian ships.”

UPDATE: 10.48

Borell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said: ‘The darkest hours for Europe since World War II. “It will be the toughest sanctions in history,” he said.

UPDATE: 10.40

The adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said that 8 people were killed and 9 people were injured in Russia’s operations.

‘Russian ground forces entered Ukraine’

UPDATE: 10.33

AFP claimed that Russian ground forces had entered Ukraine, claiming that it was based on the Ukrainian border guards.

UPDATE: 10.16

Lugansk People’s Republic announced that two Su-24 fighter jets belonging to the Ukrainian army were shot down near the settlements of Smeloye and Stepovoye.

UPDATE: 10.11

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Western countries to close their airspace.

On the other hand, in the capital Kiev, it was recorded that the people began to evacuate the city. Traffic is congested in Kiev.

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Man suspected of possession of dangerous goods arrested at Schiphol Airport



Man suspected of possession of dangerous goods arrested at Schiphol Airport

A man claiming to have dangerous goods with him was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Schiphol.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar) said the 55-year-old man was suspected of making threats.
It is not yet clear whether the man actually had dangerous items with him.

A KMar outpost in Schiphol Plaza was tipped off. Later, part of the hall was cordoned off as a precaution. The man remained in Marechaussee’s office until a Defense team arrived.

A decontamination street was set up next to Schiphol Plaza, Schiphol’s central hall, through which the man passed.

The footage showed that emergency services such as firefighters and people in special protective suits were there. They also accompanied the Marechaussees, who arrested the man and took him away.

Those Marechaussees didn’t have protective gear. A spokesperson said they had to go through the decontamination street because of this. The suspect’s luggage is also being investigated for any dangerous goods.

In the afternoon, the hall was emptied again. The cord had no effect on air traffic or passengers. Train traffic was disrupted: fewer tracks were available due to the deployment of emergency services. The first trains started running again around 2 pm.

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People who receive social assistance in the Netherlands will be able to receive assistance for 1200 euros



People who receive social assistance in the Netherlands will be able to receive assistance for 1200 euros

Those who receive social allowances in the Netherlands will be able to receive assistance for 1,200 euros without deductions.

Rules are being relaxed for those receiving social assistance. Those who receive allowances will be able to work in additional jobs without deductions from their salaries and receive 1200 euro monthly assistance.

Carola Schouten, Minister of Poverty Policy, Participation and Pensions, took a step for a change that would please those who receive social allowances (Bijstand). The allowances of those who do additional work other than the allowance and those who receive assistance in kind (aid in the form of goods or services) from their immediate surroundings will not be deducted. The amendment, drafted by Minister Schouten, must be approved by the House of Representatives.

In a statement on the subject on Monday, Minister Schouten noted that if the draft law, which is under preparation, is accepted, it will enter into force in July 2024. The minister emphasized that he wanted to ensure that “people rather than rules” are put at the centre.

Income from additional work and change in job description
The new amendment will allow those who receive social allowances to earn income from additional work up to a certain wage. According to the current law, different regulations are applied for different groups. But with the minister’s change, they will all be tied to one rule.

The person receiving the social allowance will be able to earn up to 15 percent of the allowance amount through additional work. This additional income will not be deducted from the allowance.

In addition, another important point in the amendment, which is thought to come into effect, was brought to the sale of goods over the internet, which is seen as additional income.

Minister Schouten stated that income from the sale of goods, for example, through the Marktplaats, will soon no longer be considered additional income. The Minister noted that no deductions will be made from the social allowances “provided that the money they earn in this way does not add a structural and commercial character”.

Helping family or acquaintances (Mantelzorger)
With the new law, people who receive allowances will be able to take care of their relatives, relatives or acquaintances without officially notifying them. He will also be able to stay with the person he cares for when necessary.

In the current law, the rule that people who receive social assistance can work for six months and keep 25 percent of their income, with a maximum of 226 euros per month, is valid. In the new amendment, this period may be extended for people (Mantelzorgers) who have a medical disability or have to look after their relatives.

Right to help for 1200 euro per year
In the Minister’s statement; He noted that the in-kind aids provided by those receiving social allowances and their surroundings (for example, regularly buying food packages) to support their living will not be deducted from their allowance. These people receive food, etc., for 1200 euros per year. such as assistance.

In one case in 2020, a woman residing in Wijdemeren and receiving social benefits had to repay around 7000 euros. The woman, who was brought to court by the Social Services, told the judge that her elderly mother helped her because the allowance she received was not enough and she was doing grocery shopping for her.

In the first case, the court ordered the woman to repay 7000 euros to social services for the help she received from her mother between 2015 and 2018. The final decision in the case, which went to a higher court, was given that the woman had to pay 2800 euros back.

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In the Netherlands, 2 people who burned a barbecue to warm at home were hospitalized



In the Netherlands 2 people who burned a barbecue to warm at home were hospitalized

In Hoorn, the Netherlands, they had a barbecue at home to keep warm and ended up in the hospital. They lit a barbecue for Energy Saving at home, they were hospitalized due to the smoke. You heard right, this event took place in the Dutch city of Hoorn.

According to the information received, two people residing in a house in the Plutohof district of the city of Hoorn lit a barbecue at home to warm up on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Two people, who were later understood to have lit a barbecue due to energy savings, were hospitalized due to smoke. It was stated that they were not life-threatening and were only exposed to heavy smoke.

They heated their homes with barbecues to save on energy costs, but ended up in the hospital because of the hazardous materials they inhaled.

An ambulance was called after one of the citizens had difficulty breathing. It soon became clear that the cause was a burning barbecue. Citizens were evacuated from the house in a short time and taken to the hospital. He put on oxygen masks for those affected by the smoke during the trip.

Firefighters then arrived at the scene to ventilate the house and take measurements.

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The number of homeless people in the Netherlands increased by 23 percent in one year



The number of homeless people in the Netherlands increased by 23 percent in one year

According to the data of the aid organization Het Leger des Heils (Liberation Army) in the Netherlands, the number of homeless people in the country is 6016, and according to the Bureau of Statistics, at least 32 thousand people.

In a study by the Dutch Bureau of Statistics (CBS), it was reported that the number of homeless people aged 18 to 65 in the country increased to 32,000 in 2021. After this statement, the charity organization Het Leger des Heils in the Netherlands made a statement and announced that this number was 6016 according to its own data.

It has been recorded that 37 percent of the homeless live in big cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. In the study, it was stated that half of the homeless people have a migrant background.

The number of homeless people has risen sharply in a year, with the biggest increase among youth, the Salvation Army reported on Monday. The number of homeless people in the Netherlands has increased significantly in one year. In total, the Salvation Army counted 6,016 homeless last summer. In the summer of 2021, this involved 4,876 people. This means an increase of 23 percent. The number of homeless between the ages of 18-22 increased by 50 percent compared to the summer of last year and increased by 108 people.

It was stated that the homeless people who live illegally in the country and do not apply to the aid organization are not included in these figures.

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People on welfare can now receive up to 1,200 euros in donations



People on welfare can now receive up to 1200 euros in donations

The rules for people on welfare are being relaxed. From now on they may receive donations up to an amount of 1,200 euros per year, without their benefit being reduced.

The relaxed rule is part of a package of measures with which the cabinet wants to take the sharp edges off the so-called Participation Act. These measures must take effect on 1 July 2024.

In addition to the greater exemption for donations, it will become easier to go to work from social assistance and there will be more opportunities for providing informal care. Responsible Minister Carola Schouten (Poverty Reduction) wants these adjustments to focus on “not rules, but people”.

“It is important that everyone can participate,” says the minister. “Preferably through work. For those who are unable to do so, there must be a good safety net.”

Schouten said earlier that the Participation Act does indeed provide such a safety net, but that the strict rules do not always work out as intended in practice.

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Slavery apology splits Netherlands in two



Slavery apology splits Netherlands in two

About half of Dutch people oppose an official apology for the country’s history of slavery.

According to a survey by public broadcaster NOS, 55 percent did not want the Dutch government to apologize for their history of slavery last year, compared to 49 percent this year.

Although the rate of those who want an apology has increased from 31 percent last year to 38 percent this year, it is noteworthy that nearly half of the Dutch do not support the government’s apology.

According to the research, most of those who support an apology are from immigrant backgrounds, two-thirds of Surinamese support an apology.

Armand Zunder, Chairman of the Suriname National Recovery Commission (NRCS), commented on the government’s apology attempt, “This is a one-sided Dutch policy that risks failing.”

Zunder stated that the risk in question was “not accepting the apology”. Emphasizing that the scope of the apology and why it was made should be clearer, Zunder said, “We do not understand and do not approve of this hasty attitude of the Dutch.”


The Dutch government will issue a formal apology in 8 locations worldwide on December 19 for the country’s history of slavery.

According to the news in the public broadcaster NOS, the government announced that 7 ministers will attend the ceremonies to be held on December 19 on Suriname and the Dutch three islands in the Caribbean and the islands in the former colonial region for the official apology ceremony for the country’s history of slavery.

It was stated that in the regions where the ministers went, Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s apology speeches in The Hague will express the sadness and regret over the country’s history of slavery.

Accordingly, Minister of Law Protection Frank Weerwind’s capital city of Suriname is Parambino, Minister of State for Immigration Van der Burg is Aruba, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Karien van Gennip is Bonaire, Minister of State for Royal Relations Alexandra van Huffelen is Kuraçao. It was noted that Minister of Finance Marnix van Rij will speak at the ceremonies to be held on Sint Eustatius, Minister of State for Welfare and Sports Maarten van Oooijen will speak at the ceremonies in Saba, and Minister of Health Ernst Kuipers on Sint Marteen Island.

In the news, it was pointed out that the official apology at the state level would not give the right to direct compensation to the victims of slavery and their relatives, while it was emphasized that the government would provide 200 million Euros of funding to raise awareness about the history of slavery.

The news also stated that a budget of 27 million euros would be allocated for the establishment of a slavery museum.

In recent years, major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, as well as institutions such as the Dutch Central Bank and ABN Amro, have also announced that they have apologized for their role in the history of slavery.

In the Netherlands, 2023 is expected to be declared a “slavery commemoration year” as it marks the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery.

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VIDEO: Events broke out at celebrations in Brussels and the Netherlands after Morocco beat Belgium



VIDEO Events broke out at celebrations in Brussels and the Netherlands after Morocco beat Belgium

After Morocco defeated Belgium 2-0 in the second match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Group F in Qatar, events broke out during the celebrations of the Moroccans in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

After the match ended, Moroccans living in Brussels honked their cars and toured around the city.
Around the Midi Train Station in the center of Brussels, some people who were covering their faces gathered and threw fireworks in the streets.

In some places, many scooters and trash cans belonging to rental companies were set on fire. A vehicle belonging to the hourly car rental company was also turned over by the crowd.

Some passenger cars and many bicycles were also set on fire on Lemonnier Boulevard near Midi Train Station.

Some bus and tram stops were also destroyed.

After a while, the police intervened in the group with tear gas and pressurized water.
The police, who sent a large number of teams to the central streets, made an announcement to stay away from the Midi Train Station.

Police teams also closed some metro stations in the city center, roads leading to tourist attractions and streets with shops. Urban transport was severely disrupted.

Brussels Mayor Philippe Close condemned the violence in the city. Noting that the police intervened in the events, Close called on the groups to not come to the touristic central areas and the streets where the shops are located.

Moroccan fans continue to cheer in some streets and streets with their cars by honking their horns.

Belgium, with a population of 11 million 400 thousand, has approximately 500,000 Moroccan origin citizens.

Events also took place in the celebrations in the Netherlands

After the match ended, Moroccans living in Amsterdam toured with their vehicles and motorbikes, honking their horns in the Merkator, Osdorp and 4045 squares in the city.

A vehicle was set on fire in Mercator Square during the celebrations, which used a large number of fireworks.
While the police closed the roads where the incidents took place, the fire brigade intervened.

Demonstrations in Rotterdam and The Hague

In a statement on Twitter, the police stated that around 500 Moroccans were outraged during the celebrations in Rotterdam, and that a large number of police and panzers arrived at the scene to intervene.

Stating that many fireworks were used in the celebrations in Vaillant Square in The Hague, the police asked the fans to evacuate the square.

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Corendon airlines moves operations from Schiphol to Brussels



Corendon airlines moves operations from Schiphol to Brussels

Corendon CEO Atilay Uslu told Telegraaf that Corendon will reduce its operations in Schiphol and move it to Brussels next season. Uslu said that the increasing costs as well as the chaos caused by the lack of personnel in Schiphol played a role in the relocation.

Corendon will make 260,000 in Belgium next season, almost doubling the number of seats. It will reduce the number of seats in Schiphol to 230,000.

“This is mainly because of the chaos in Schiphol,” Uslu told Telegraaf. Pointing out the hourly passenger queues at the airport since April, Uslu stated that as a result, Schiphol asked airline companies to reduce their capacity many times.

Uslu is worried that these conditions will continue in May and summer next year, as organizations such as airport security and Koninklijke Marechaussee are still struggling to fill vacancies.

Traveling from Belgium will also be cheaper next year, as Schiphol raises fares and the Netherlands triples the flight tax.

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Temperatures in the Netherlands will drop below freezing



Temperatures in the Netherlands will drop below freezing

While the cold wave is expected to start again from Thursday in the Netherlands, the meteorological institute KNMI predicts that air temperatures will drop below zero in many places, especially in the northeast and east of the country.

Weather forecasts from the institute, as well as other organizations such as WeerOnline, also indicate the likelihood of temperatures dropping to or below freezing for several days in a row.

In the east of the Netherlands, the thermometer is expected to be below zero almost every night from December 2 to at least December 10. At the start of the week, temperatures will hover slightly above the long-term national average of 7 degrees Celsius, but will drop later on.

The highest temperature across the Netherlands is around 8 degrees, with the weekend ending on a cloudy and partly rainy Sunday. The wind blows from the south; It is expected to strengthen at medium strength on land and up to 49 km per hour along the coast.

There is rain on Monday and Tuesday, and drier days are expected from Wednesday. Temperatures, which were 8 degrees at the beginning of the week, will drop from 8 degrees to 5 degrees by Friday. Temperatures could drop below freezing on Tuesday, with warnings of heavy fog expected.

By the end of the week, it will be possible to see temperatures of -1 degrees on Saturday as the daily temperature drops below the freezing point again.

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The minimum wage in the Netherlands for 2023 has been announced



The minimum wage in the Netherlands for 2023 has been announced

In the Netherlands, the government increased the minimum wage by 10.15 percent for the first time since 1969. In 2023, the minimum minimum wage was increased to 1934 euros.

The energy crisis and the cost of living that came after the days of the pandemic affected the citizens and especially the employees very badly this year. The government announced a new support package for low-income people in its 2023 budget, which it announced recently.

The cabinet, which tries to provide support in certain areas to increase the purchasing power of the citizens, announced the minimum amount of minimum wage to be applied for 2023.

For the first time since the six-month hike of 8.05 percent in 1969, the cabinet has increased the minimum wage by 10.15 percent as a semi-annual increase. However, the gross minimum wage of 1,756.20 euros, valid in the second half of 2022, was increased to 1,934.40 euros as of January 1, 2023.

As of January 1, 2023, the legal gross minimum wage for full-time workers aged 21 and over will be:
Monthly: € 1,934,40
Weekly: € 446.40
Daily: € 89.28

The 10.15 percent increase to be applied to the minimum wage will also be reflected in all other allowances and aids such as AOW, social assistance and Wajong. As a result, the minimum wage increase will also have positive effects on the incomes of social assistance recipients and retirees.

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