The Netherlands has the most sustainable roads in Europe



The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most sustainable roads, according to Kayak’s Road Trip’s original experience for the year 2022. This is shown to have a large number of power stations as the largest people.

Kayak is in the top European plans for its cars every year. This year’s experience compared 33 European countries for 24 different characteristics. Many factors such as economic weather, gasoline prices, road production and camping area took place. Countries 100 evaluated.

The Netherlands came to the fore in choosing the 11th place with points, the quality of the roads, the number of camp completions and the approval of electricity. The summit was Germany’s with 100 points with its highways and historical areas.

In place of the sustainability chance, the Netherlands took the place with full points. In this category, car theft, air quality, number and price of electrical installation points were examined.

DH made 30 percent of electricity points in the Netherlands, Europe for a life before the death of the old day.


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