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Top 100 companies to work for



Top 100 companies to work for

Business magazine Fortune has shared its new list. The magazine has selected the 100 best companies to work with. The top of the list, which has been created for 25 years, has not changed this year. The 100 best companies to work for, based on the list created for the USA…

100 FedEx
99 Dows
98 CarMax
97 CrowdStrike Holdings
96 T-Mobile US
95 Nugget Market
94 Zillow Group
93 DHL Express U.S.
92 Publix Super Markets
91 Atlantic Health System

90 Wellstar Health System
89 Farmers Insurance
88 Cox Enterprises
87 Scripps Health
86 W.W. Grainger


85 JM Family Enterprises
84 Mutual of Omaha
83 ServiceNow
82 OhioHealth
81 Panda Restaurant Group

80 Experian
79 Baptist Health South Florida
78 Genentech
77 Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America
76 Navy Federal Credit Union

75 Northwell Health
74 Hilcorp Energy
73 Citrix Systems
72 AbbVie
71 World Wide Technology


70 Hyatt Hotels
69 Stryker
68 Tanium
67 Crowe
66 Blue Shield of California

65 Splunks
64 Southern Ohio Medical Center
63 PricewaterhouseCoopers
62 Jamf
61 Bell Banks

60 Ryan LLC
59 Horizon Therapeutics
58 The Cheesecake Factory
57 Anthem
56 Visitors


55 Bain & Co.
54 SAP America
53 Altar’d State
52 EY
51 progressive

50 First American Financial
49 Credit Acceptance
48 Boxes
47 Atlassian
46 Keysight Technologies

45 Slaloms
44 Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
43 PulteGroup
42 West Monroe Partners


39 Modern Technology Solutions
38 Cadence Design Systems
37 Texas Health Resources
36 Perkins Coie

35 Edward Jones
34 Red Hat
33 Sheetz
32 Adobe
31 HubSpot

30 Plante Moran
29 Bank of America
28 Pinnacle Financial Partners
27 Baird
26 Camden Property Trust


25 Synchrony Financial
24 Deloitte
23 Marriott International
22 Kimley-Horn and Associates
21 Nationwide

20 Workiva
19 Hewlett Packard Enterprise
18New American Funding
17 Alston & Bird
16 Comcast

15 Protiviti
14 Veterans United Home Loans
13 Orrick
12 Targets
11 Intuit


10 Capital One Financial
9 David Weekley Homes
8 American Express
7 Rocket Companies
6 Accenture

5 Nvidia
4 Salesforce
3 Wegmans Food Markets
2 Hiltons
1 Cisco Systems

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Exploring the Pinnacle of Dutch Education: The University of Amsterdam



The University of Amsterdam 2

Established in 1632, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is a prestigious institution renowned for its commitment to innovative research, exceptional teaching standards, and commitment to societal contribution. As the third oldest university in the Netherlands, it has a rich historical background and a steadfast dedication to academic excellence that allows it to provide an immersive, expansive, and enriching educational environment for students worldwide.

University of Amsterdam

History and Heritag

The University of Amsterdam traces its roots back to the Athenaeum Illustre, established in 1632 during the Dutch Golden Age. Originally offering classes to a small group of students, the Athenaeum Illustre operated out of a single room in the Amsterdam city hall. Over time, the institution grew both in size and scope. It was recognized as a full university in 1877, adopting the name University of Amsterdam.

The University of Amsterdam 1


Campuses and Facilities

The UvA’s campuses are dispersed throughout the city of Amsterdam, integrating with the vibrant urban environment, creating a dynamic setting for students. The campuses include the City Centre Campus, Science Park, Roeterseiland Campus, Amsterdam UMC, and the Amsterdam Business School.

These facilities provide a wide range of research labs, classrooms, study spaces, and libraries. They are not just places for academic endeavors, but also cultural hotspots, bustling with student activities, art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and public lectures.

Academic Structure

The University of Amsterdam comprises seven faculties: Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Business, Science, Law, Medicine, and Dentistry. These faculties offer a vast array of programs from Bachelor’s to Doctoral levels, including various interdisciplinary options that allow students to tailor their academic experiences.

The UvA is known for its strong research tradition, especially in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Its research is conducted within 78 research institutes, each with its particular specialization, promoting innovation and exploration in countless areas of study.


The University of Amsterdam

Reputation and Rankings

UvA consistently ranks among the top 100 universities globally in several world university rankings. As of my knowledge cut-off in September 2021, it was highly acclaimed in subjects like Communication and Media Studies, Sociology, and Geography, among others, according to the QS World University Rankings.

Student Life

At the University of Amsterdam, student life is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. The city of Amsterdam is known for its cultural richness, open-minded spirit, and historical charm, which creates an exciting environment for students. UvA has an abundance of student organizations, sports clubs, and cultural societies that add to the overall student experience.

Diversity and International Focus

One of the defining features of the UvA is its strong international orientation. The university offers numerous degree programs in English, attracting students from around the globe. This international dimension is evident in the diverse backgrounds of its staff and students, contributing to a vibrant, multicultural academic community that enhances the educational experience.


The University of Amsterdam is a beacon of academic excellence and innovative research. Its broad range of programs, strong international orientation, and the vibrant city environment make it an attractive destination for students worldwide. For those seeking a comprehensive, multidisciplinary education in one of Europe’s most exciting cities, the UvA is a compelling choice.

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Understanding Netherlands Work Culture



Understanding Netherlands Work Culture

Understanding Netherlands Work Culture. When it comes to work culture, the Netherlands has a unique set of traditions and etiquette that can be both fascinating and challenging for newcomers. Whether you’re relocating to the Netherlands for work or collaborating with Dutch colleagues, it’s important to understand the country’s work culture in order to succeed and thrive.

One of the key characteristics of work culture in the Netherlands is a focus on equality and collaboration. Dutch workplaces tend to be less hierarchical than those in many other countries, with a flatter organizational structure and a more democratic decision-making process. This means that ideas and opinions are valued from all levels of the organization, and individuals are encouraged to speak up and contribute.


Another important aspect of work culture in the Netherlands is a commitment to work-life balance. Dutch workers tend to work fewer hours than their counterparts in other countries, and they place a high value on leisure time and personal pursuits. This means that employers are often flexible when it comes to scheduling, and they prioritize the well-being and happiness of their employees.

Understanding Netherlands Work Culture 1

When it comes to workplace etiquette, the Dutch have a reputation for being direct and straightforward. They value honesty and transparency in communication, and they expect their colleagues to be upfront and clear in their interactions. This can be a challenge for those who are used to more indirect communication styles, but it’s important to remember that the Dutch are not being rude or aggressive – they simply prefer to be clear and concise.

In terms of dress code, the Netherlands tends to be more casual than many other countries. While business attire is still common in some industries, many Dutch workplaces allow for a more relaxed dress code, with jeans and sneakers often considered acceptable.


When it comes to meetings and deadlines, the Dutch tend to be punctual and efficient. Meetings are usually scheduled in advance and kept to a strict agenda, with participants expected to arrive on time and prepared. Deadlines are taken seriously, and it’s important to deliver on commitments in a timely manner.

In conclusion, understanding work culture in the Netherlands is essential for anyone who wants to work or do business in this country. By embracing the Dutch values of collaboration, work-life balance, direct communication, and punctuality, you can build strong relationships and achieve success in your career.

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Your Complete Guide to Obtaining a Remote Work Visa for the Netherlands in 2023



Your Complete Guide to Obtaining a Remote Work Visa for the Netherlands in 2023

The Netherlands is a beautiful country with a high standard of living, vibrant cities, and a liberal culture. It is a popular destination for tourists and expats alike. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for remote work visas in the Netherlands, as many people look for opportunities to work from home in a new and exciting location. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain a remote work visa for the Netherlands and what you need to know before applying.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that there is currently no specific remote work visa program in the Netherlands. However, there are different types of visas that allow non-European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) citizens to live and work in the Netherlands for more than 90 days.


One option is to apply for a Dutch long-stay visa, which is suitable for people who want to work for a Dutch employer or start a business in the Netherlands. The long-stay visa can be valid for up to 90 days, after which you will need to apply for a residence permit. To obtain a long-stay visa, you will need to have a job offer or a viable business plan. If you plan to work remotely for a company based outside the Netherlands, you will need to prove that your work is essential to the company and that you can support yourself financially during your stay in the Netherlands.

Another option is to apply for a freelancer visa, which allows self-employed individuals to live and work in the Netherlands. To obtain a freelancer visa, you will need to have a viable business plan and demonstrate that you have the financial means to support yourself. You will also need to register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and pay Dutch taxes.

Remote Work Visa for the Netherlands in 2023

To apply for a remote work visa in the Netherlands, you will need to follow these general steps:

  1. Determine if you need a visa: Check the Dutch government’s website to determine if you need a visa to enter the Netherlands and how long you can stay without a visa.
  2. Find a job or start a business: If you plan to work for a Dutch employer or start a business, you will need to have a job offeror a viable business plan.
  3. Apply for a visa: Once you have a job offer or a business plan, you can apply for a visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country of residence. The application process can take several weeks, so it’s essential to apply well in advance of your intended travel date.
  4. Provide the required documentation: You will need to provide various documents, including a valid passport, a job offer or business plan, and proof of financial means.
  5. Attend an interview: You may be required to attend an interview at the Dutch embassy or consulate.
  6. Wait for approval: Once you submit your application, you will need to wait for it to be approved. If approved, you will receive a visa that allows you to live and work in the Netherlands.

It’s essential to note that the visa application process can vary depending on your individual circumstances, and it’s best to check the Dutch government’s website or consult with a visa specialist to ensure that you follow the correct procedures.

In conclusion, the Netherlands is a great destination for remote workers who want to enjoy a high standard of living in a beautiful country. While there is no specific remote work visa program in the Netherlands, there are various visa options available for non-EU/EEA citizens who want to live and work in the Netherlands. It’s essential to research the different visa options and consult with a visa specialist to ensure that you follow the correct procedures when applying for a remote work visa in the Netherlands.

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What is the Netherlands remote work law?



What is the Netherlands remote work law

What is the Netherlands remote work law? Working from home is not a legal right in the Netherlands. However, according to the Flexible Working Law, employees can make a written request to work from home (partly). For example, you may be asked to work remotely because of health problems. The employer must have good reason to refuse such a request.

There was no specific law in the Netherlands regarding remote work. However, on September 1, 2021, a new law called the “Flexible Working Law” went into effect in the Netherlands. This law gives employees the right to request flexible working arrangements, including remote work, from their employer.


Under this law, an employee can make a written request to their employer to work from home or from a different location. The employer must respond to the request within four weeks and can only reject the request if there are legitimate business reasons for doing so.

The law does not mandate remote work, but it does give employees the right to request it. It also does not apply to all employees, as some professions may have specific requirements that make remote work difficult or impossible.

What is the Netherlands remote work law?

For what reasons might your employer refuse to work remotely?

  • Working from home causes problems in the work schedule.
  • The job cannot be done elsewhere.
  • The home workplace is not safe or suitable for working.
  • Does not meet the requirements of employees who want to work from home.

Conditions for requesting remote work:

  • The company must have at least 10 employees.
  • The employee must have been working for at least six months.
  • The employee must make a written request no later than 2 months before the start of work.

Find out more about when employees are allowed to work from home at

Working conditions law for working from home:

Employees must be able to do their jobs safely and properly at home. That’s why health and safety rules apply to working from home. For example, you should create a good workspace at home.


Learn more about the Working Conditions Act for working from home.

Work from home allowance

When employees work from home, they have additional costs at the office that are not theirs. It means more costs for heating, water, electricity as well as tea, coffee and toilet paper. You can cover these costs with a work-from-home allowance ( thuiswerkvergoeding ) of € 2.15 per day.

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Amsterdam and Rotterdam are among the best cities in the world in terms of business life balance



Amsterdam and Rotterdam are among the best cities in the world in terms of business life balance

A recent study has listed two Dutch cities among the best places in the world for employees looking for a good work and life balance. Both Amsterdam and Rotterdam took part in the top 20 in this list.

The worldwide business life balance index, published by Forbes Advisor, examined 128 cities worldwide to determine the cities that are best in the best state when it comes to welfare of employees. The study evaluated each city according to 10 factors and gave each one out of 100 a general score. World Happiness Index ranking, gender inequality index ranking, average working hours, minimum legal annual leave (except public holidays), Real Estate Price to Income, Rate of Remote and Hybrid Jobs, Birth Permit Policy, Reserves, Unemployment Rate Criteria such as sunlight clocks were taken into consideration.

Although Amsterdam failed to be in the top 10, he took 55.6 general points out of 100 and settled in the 12th place. Rotterdam ranked 20th with a slightly lower score of 52.7.


As will be expected, both cities per week average working hours (26.9), happiness
Index score (7.46) and gender inequality index ranking (fifth row), annual paid leave amount (20 days) and national unemployment rate (4.01%) obtained the same results in some categories.

Amsterdam performed well in the number of parks and nature reserves per capita (58), but Rotterdam performed better when it comes to home purchase cost and weather. Amsterdam receives 1,670 hours of sunlight a year, while Rotterdam takes 1,722 hours of sunlight.

According to Forbes Advisor, 10 cities that offer the best balance of business and life:


1. Copenhagen, Denmark (70.5 out of 100)
2. Helsinki, Finland (65,1)
3. Stockholm, Sweden (64,8)
4. Oslo, Norway (63,2)
5. Auckland, New Zealand (62,7)
6. Göteborg, Sweden (60,7)
7. Reykjavik, Iceland (58.7)
8. Vienna, Austria (58,5)
9. Edinburgh, Scotland (57,1)
10. Belfast, Northern Ireland (57)

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2023 Salaries in the Netherlands



2023 Salaries in the Netherlands

Did you know that the Netherlands is the 9th highest paying country in the international rankings?

Yes, that’s a real benefit of being right here. However, before you focus solely on salary and sign the deal, there are some important things you should know about salaries in the Netherlands.

2023 Salaries in the Netherlands

The Netherlands may also be one of the top paying countries worldwide, but it is very important to understand that the amount of pay you receive on the route depends on the type of fare you receive.


What is the minimum salary in the Netherlands in 2023?

What may come as a surprise to some is that the minimum salary in the Netherlands actually varies entirely with your age.

As of January 2023, the hourly minimum wage costs for a person over the age of 21 in the Netherlands:

36 hours: 12.40 €


38 hours: 11.75 €

40 hours: 11.16 €

What is the average salary in the Netherlands in 2023?

The Netherlands boasts an average monthly salary of 3,333 € or an average annual profit of 40,000 € in 2023!


However, life is generally pretty average no longer – and the same goes for your income. Depending on your mission, your payoff will be higher or lower than this variety.

Inflation and Dutch salaries in 2023

Beyond 12 months, house prices in the Netherlands soared to new highs. With living expenses rising by a staggering 14.5% towards the end of 2022, many of us entered the new year with overwhelming need for a pay rise.

Fortunately, as we have seen, the Dutch government solved this problem by raising the Dutch minimum wage by 10.15%. Meanwhile, in line with the ADP, average salary earners can count on their net earnings to increase by an average of €91 (3.7%) per month in 2023.


Will this be enough to fight inflation? However, it is worth noting that 2023 started with some correct indicators and at the end, the inflation rate fell once again.

What is the difference between Bruto camiis and Netto massis?

During your interview you will be offered an income after getting dressed and taking off your socks to impress your Dutch employers.

But before you get too excited about the numbers, you will listen to some numbers: these could be your Gross and Net profit and it is very important that you know the difference!


What is Bruto masais in the Netherlands?

One might be the amount you get before taxes and other deductions – that’s your Bruto salary and you can’t take it all.

What is Netto salaryis in the Netherlands?

Netto salaryis represents the money you receive after taxes and all other deductions.

How much of your profit will be taxed in the Netherlands?

Now, after all this talk about Netto and Brutto’s paychecks, you’re probably wondering how much of your paychecks the Dutch tax officer will get.


There are two different tax brackets in the Netherlands in 2023. You may be taxed at a certain rate depending on your property and business income. Let us list them for you.


Less than €73,031 per year36.93%Above €73,031 per year49.50%


What is included in your Dutch salary?

Yes, taxation is high in the Netherlands – but being employed in the Netherlands also has its advantages – a number of advantages in particular.

Vacation share (vakantiegeld)

In the Netherlands you can receive at least 8% of your gross salary as holiday pay. Employers normally pay you in a lump sum between May and June, but depending on your contract, it can be awarded in increments each month.

Note: If you are a trainee, self-employed or earning three times the Dutch minimum wage, you are not entitled to holiday pay in the Netherlands.


“13th month”

In any task, there is a constant luck of receiving bonuses. But in the Netherlands, some companies provide what is described as a “13th month” under certain contracts.

If your salary includes a “13th month”, you can basically get an extra monthly payment! It is normally given before the holiday period in November or December and also equals 8.33% of an employee’s earnings.

Sick leave

In the Netherlands, most employment contracts even cover you due to illness. According to Dutch law, your business venture must pay you 70% of your salary if you become ill at any point in your contract.


If you’ve been sick for a long time, you don’t have to worry about your organization losing you. In fact, according to Dutch regulation, a company is required to pay up to 104 weeks of sick leave.

A great work-life balance

Ok, that’s not exactly a financial advantage that can be discovered for your Dutch earnings – but it is indeed an advantage. A great work-life balance is valued in the Netherlands.

This means that you are no longer expected to bring your work home “as part of the corporate subculture”.


How do you know your Dutch payslip?

Once you’ve found yourself a job and the earnings to come with it, the payroll can be very difficult to understand.

Luckily, we have listed all these difficult words for you.

Salaris Periode Period of pay
Personeelsnummer Employee number
BSN Dutch social security number
Geboortedatum Date of birth
Afdeling/Functieomschrijving Job role
Anciënniteitsdatum/Datum in dienst Date you started your employment
Salaris/uurloon Gross salary (before tax)
Minimumloon Minimum wage
Verzekerd voor WW/WiA/ZW/Zvw Social security you contribute to
Bijz. tarief/heffingskorting (ja/nee) Tax rate (percentage)/general tax credit (yes or no)
Gewerkte uren Hours worked
Sociale verzekeringen (SV) Social security contributions
Reiskostenvergoeding Transport reimbursement cost
Totaal Netto Net salary after everything — what you receive in your bank account
Vakantiegeld Holiday leave

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How to learn Dutch fast?



How to learn Dutch fast

If learning Dutch sounds like a daunting task, you can take a look at the interesting information that experts offer about the best learning strategies for our brain.

As you learn a language, many neural networks are active in your brain and new connections are formed at lightning speed. You learn most quickly and effectively when you use your brain’s pre-existing networks. This is the best way to remember words and grammar rules.

Want to learn a foreign language but don’t know where to start?

You can activate your brain for optimal language learning by doing the following things:

1. Identify connections between your native language and your new language: This is how you create strong connections in your brain. For example, there are many related words, such as words that sound almost the same in different languages. By focusing on these words, you can recognize most of the texts. The more connections you see between your native language and the new language, the easier it is to make new connections in pre-existing networks in your brain.
2. Activate your existing knowledge of the new language: You usually know more about a language than you think. By highlighting this information, you activate your brain and learn more easily.
3. Build a custom vocabulary that fits your world: Everyone uses different words depending on their profession, age or character. By building your vocabulary thematically, you also strengthen the neural networks in your brain.
Your brain needs to be in good shape to be fully at work to learn another language. It may not make sense to work non-stop for hours all the time.


The things the brain needs are:

• Exercise to provide oxygen,
• Consume healthy foods,
• Get a good night’s sleep to process information and strengthen newly established networks,
• Create a stress-free environment,
• Enjoy the learning process.

Bilingual people have strong brain connections, so their risk of Alzheimer’s disease is reduced. Don’t be afraid to take steps to learn a new language.

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An increasing number of Dutch students going abroad for education and internship



An increasing number of Dutch students going abroad for education and internship

According to a study by Nuffic, more and more Dutch students are going abroad to earn their degrees, complete their studies or do internships.

The number of students going abroad for all of their diplomas has doubled in 10 years. And those who went abroad for a part of their education or internship increased by a fifth in 5 years.

“A study or internship abroad is very valuable for Dutch students. “They are developing skills for the internationally oriented labor market they come from after their education,” said Nuffic researcher Anneloes Slapdel-Henschen. “Internationally competent students are also better equipped for the multicultural society and the collaboration across national borders necessary to solve global challenges.”


In 2019, the latest figures available, 20,000 Dutch students went abroad for diplomas. Almost twice as many people went to 98 different countries than they did 10 years ago. Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the United States were the most popular destinations.

According to researcher Soaradh Favier, Belgium has been the most popular study destination for Dutch students since 2015.

Most Dutch students don’t go very far to study. Three-quarters remained within the European Economic Area. Despite the doubling of the number of Dutch students pursuing degrees abroad, the Netherlands still lags far behind the European level on this front. With 3 percent diploma mobility, the Netherlands is well below the European average.


In the case of students going abroad for part of their education or internship, there are no exact figures on the total number. For this reason, the researchers looked at the number of Dutch students who went abroad with an Erasmus+ grant. According to the researchers, about a third of students who go abroad for part of their studies do so with an Erasmus+ grant.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, more than 14,000 Dutch students went abroad, 31 percent for internships and 69 percent for a part of their studies, on an Erasmus+ grant, according to the latest figures available. This represents an increase of 20.7 percent compared to 2014. The most popular destinations were Spain, England, and Germany.

“While the Netherlands lags behind the European level in terms of diploma mobility, the opposite is strikingly true in terms of student loan mobility: the Netherlands ranks first in Europe in this regard,” the researchers wrote.


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What is working hours in the Netherlands?



What is working hours in the Netherlands

Wondering in case your job is full- or part-time? Feel like you’re running too much additional time unpaid? Find out approximate operating hours in the Netherlands and associated regulations beneath.

Full-time work in the Netherlands

A general Dutch working week is 38 hours. The majority of full-time (voltijd) jobs in the Netherlands are between 36-40 hours a week, or seven to 8 hours an afternoon, 5 days every week.

Some businesses have a forty-hour running week instead of the usual 38 hours, in which case employees acquire greater earnings for extra hours labored.


Another manner employers can also compensate for higher weekly hours is by growing annual holiday departures (every so often to around 12 extra days).

In the Netherlands lunch breaks are typically half-hour, unpaid.

Part-time work in the Netherlands

If you work less than 36 hours a week, but more than 12, then you are considered running component-time (deleted). A high proportion of women within the Netherlands, approximately 74 percent, work component time.


Opinions are divided approximately the blessings of this trend because it has each benefit (decreased strain tiers, more time with family and kids) and downsides (lower monetary independence, slow professional improvement).

What is working hours in the Netherlands 1

What is working hours in the Netherlands?

Legal limits to working hours inside the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, a worker can legally work a most of 12 hours per shift and a most of 60 hours according to week. This limit is most effective for quick durations, for longer time frames the limit is decreased.

Across a four-week duration, an employee won’t work more than fifty-five hours consistent with the week, and over a sixteen-week length, an employee won’t work greater than 48 hours in keeping with the week.


If you work a shift of more than 5, five hours then you have the proper to a 30-minute (unpaid) wreck, which you can additionally cut up into breaks of 15 mins.

Working extra time within the Netherlands

Unlike many other international locations, frequently running long hours overtime is not so not unusual in the Netherlands.

Whether or no longer you get hold of repayment for hours worked extra time relies upon the situation of your working settlement. Some companies will stipulate in the settlement that (a sure quantity of) additional time work comes with the activity and is covered with the aid of your regular profits, whilst others might also offer economic repayment or time in lieu for any greater hours labored.


If you feel like you are working too much (uncompensated) extra time then it is important to raise the problem with your business enterprise.

Flexible hours inside the Netherlands

For a few employees, it’s miles possible to barter flexible operating hours with their organization. This can consist of:

running from domestic one or greater days per week.
longer running days in trade for one unfastened day according to week or fortnight.
time in lieu to replace hours labored in the evenings or on weekends.


If you would like to explore the possibilities of flexible work then make sure to elevate the issue whilst discussing your employment settlement or at an overall performance overview assembly.

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How to negotiate your revenue inside the Netherlands



How to negotiate your revenue inside the Netherlands

Most organizations have earnings ranges for diverse functions, and but there are continually candidates who manage to negotiate it above the variety.

However, there are also others who will place themselves below the bottom. Often those exclusive salaries don’t have some thing to do with the candidates’ qualifications. So, what does affect income ranges? The solutions are education, self-self belief and metallic-nerves.

How to negotiate your revenue inside the Netherlands

1. Preparation

Preparation is the critical step, and you can’t start early sufficient with this manner. Most of the time, the question approximately your income expectations isn’t something you would assume to be requested at some stage in the primary interview, but it does take place very frequently. This is more likely when you are being screened by means of recruiters.


Salary variety

Knowing the salary variety for a given characteristic in every industry is crucial. One of the excellent sites to test income rages is Glassdoor, wherein the income degrees are frequently disclosed for diverse corporations.

Gross and internet earnings

Very crucial to preserve in mind is the distinction among gross and internet earnings inside the Netherlands.

Most of the time, you will negotiate your gross income (income before Dutch taxes). Also keep in mind that the 8% extra holiday pay (on pinnacle of your gross annual income) is a type of 13th month charge. When talking approximately your revenue, continually make certain which you and your organisation are talking about the equal aspect.


Additional perks

Keep in mind that frequently, depending on the dimensions of the company, there could be other matters to recollect than the base income. Those things will be the following:

  • Bonuses
  • Travel allowance
  • Training price range
  • Company automobile or public transport card
  • Pension schemes
  • Flexible / remote paintings
  • Gym allowances

2. Self-confidence

Most of the time, the ones who negotiate the high-quality salaries for themselves are those who’ve a strong cognizance of what they bring to the desk. Self-confident candidates probable have their achievements written down. But how do you locate self belief for your self?

Know your price

I usually suggest my clients to sincerely kingdom their achievements and write down the testimonies or information which help them. Seeing your accomplishments honestly described no longer most effective lets you prepare for the interview but additionally increases your self assurance. Ask yourself: What do you convey to the desk? What specific and particular experience do you have got that provides cost to the agency? The clearer you’re approximately those factors, the better you will be able to talk it for your potential organisation.

Balance it out

When negotiating a salary, the intricate component is keeping a stability between healthy self belief and vanity – especially inside the Netherlands wherein “being an excessive amount of” is frowned upon. At the same time, but, you do not want to undersell your self and be overly modest. That’s why it’s far crucial to have a listing of your precise achievements and let them speak for you.


Anchor it high

You may have heard of the well-known negotiating technique known as anchoring. When you anchor at some point of a salary negotiation, you advise a salary on the higher cease of the range. The idea at the back of that is that you can usually pass down, but you received’t be able to go up.

Use confident and tremendous language

When speaking about the salary, you want to seem assured, calm and high-quality. Therefore, watch your body language, tone of the voice and the language you operate closely. Cut down all of the “maybes, ifs, sorrys and justs”. The fine way to advantage self belief is to exercise a couple of times with a partner or a pal.

Focus on the benefits for the agency

When pointing out your revenue degree and negotiating it, returned it up with the blessings that the agency gets once they lease you.


3. Nerves of metal

Negotiating your salary correctly regularly boils down to who has nerves of metallic? A lot of my customers say, “Yes, Dorota, however I need this process so much. So, isn’t it higher to begin with a decrease provide?” I constantly say, in case you recognise that you could do the process well, it’s far a whole lot higher to country what you’re really worth confidently and by no means undervalue your self.

Accepting a decrease provide is also by no means a very good option psychologically. This is due to the fact desperation isn’t attractive. In the quit, the company might pick out a candidate who asks for greater, as they’ll accept as true with this person could be able to do a higher process due to the fact they understand their well worth. Keep in mind that even as handling their budgets, maximum hiring managers are going for the applicants who they perceive because the best for the job – not just the cheapest ones.

Do now not be afraid to beat back

And what if you stated your profits and the offer you obtained is some distance underneath your expectations? Lots of human beings may have an urge to accept straight away. But keep in mind that frequently the primary provide from the organization doesn’t want to be the very last one. Also, in the Netherlands, salary negotiations appear on a daily basis, so don’t be afraid to beat back. The reality that they gave you a proposal approach that they’re inclined to spend money on you.


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Major disruption in train services between Rotterdam and Den Haag until December
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Major disruption in train services between Rotterdam and Den Haag until December

More than 800 film producers and actors in the Netherlands call for sanctions against Israel
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More than 800 film producers and actors in the Netherlands call for sanctions against Israel

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Scientists warn: Ultra-processed food is as addictive as cigarettes

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The price of a pack of cigarettes in Belgium will be 10 euros

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There will also be an increase in the consumption tax on soft drinks in the Netherlands

Wanted murder suspect Bretty Dorder in the Netherlands was caught
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Wanted murder suspect Bretty Dorder in the Netherlands was caught!

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Home Ownership Rate Declines in European Union Countries

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Pakistani cricketer who put a bounty on Geert Wilders’ head gets 12 years in prison

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Fossil fuel protest in the Netherlands on the second day: 500 activists detained

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Ajax-Feyenoord derby canceled due to incidents

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Dutch Supreme Court: Israeli soldiers cannot be tried in our country

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Amsterdam fine for loud car engines and exhausts

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2 Russian warplanes approaching Dutch airspace intercepted
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2 Russian warplanes approaching Dutch airspace intercepted

In another city in the Netherlands a bacteria warning was issued in drinking water
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In another city in the Netherlands, a bacteria warning was issued in drinking water

Warning from TK Maxx in the Netherlands Electric leakage in the adapters 1 1
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Warning from TK Maxx in the Netherlands: Electric leakage in the adapters!

Rising rents in the Netherlands led citizens to Belgium
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Rising rents in the Netherlands led citizens to Belgium

Childrens bicycle helmets are recalled for safety reasons in the Netherlands 1 1
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Children’s bicycle helmets are recalled for safety reasons in the Netherlands

Train tickets increase by 6.6 percent in the Netherlands
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Train tickets increase by 6.6 percent in the Netherlands

Mother and son missing for 2 months in the Netherlands still not found
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Mother and son missing for 2 months in the Netherlands still not found

The sweltering heat is coming in the Netherlands
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The sweltering heat is coming in the Netherlands

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‘Netherlands’ Stonehenge’ Discovered: 4000-Year-Old Graveyard and Glass Beads From Mesopotamia Found

Large cruise ships banned in Amsterdam seeking to reduce tourist numbers
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Large cruise ships banned in Amsterdam seeking to reduce tourist numbers

Ship loaded with vehicles burning off the Dutch coast for 2 days raises environmental disaster concerns
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Ship loaded with vehicles burning off the Dutch coast for 2 days raises environmental disaster concerns