Nightclubs are opening in Netherlands



Nightclubs in Netherlands open their doors on February 12 despite the measures. Nightclubs are planning to open on Saturday, February 12, despite the coronavirus measures. Two organizations representing businesses, Nachtbelang and Overleg Amsterdamse OAC, complain that nightclubs remain closed even as the cabinet has relaxed measures for many sectors. Organizations are demanding that clubs open on February 12, through the ‘De Nacht Staat Op’ initiative.

According to current coronavirus measures, clubs are required to keep their doors closed; Festivals are not yet allowed. One of the spokespersons of the campaign said, “We want to show ourselves that with this action we can open again safely.” On the night of February 12, when the doors will be reopened, the coronavirus QR codes will be checked.

Last year, the nightclubs and events industry protested the lengthy shutdowns with ‘Unmute Us’ marches across the country. Unmute Us stated that the protests will continue unless a realistic plan comes from the cabinet.

It is stated that next Monday, a meeting will be held between the Ministry of Economy and representatives from nightclubs.


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