Getting married in the Netherlands is more expensive than in previous years



According to a study in the Netherlands, it costs 10 percent more to get married than in 2019. This rate was revealed in the weekly price research on wedding venues by the wedding organization site The Perfect Wedding. During the week, prices average 413 euros.

The increase in weekend prices is less. While Saturday was 693 euros on average with an increase of 5 percent, Sunday was the most expensive day with an increase of 6.7 percent: 853 euros. These prices include the marriage officer’s service.
Frisia came to the fore the most in the regional increase; Wedding hall prices in the region increased by 23.3 percent on Friday. The least increase was seen in Zealand, with an increase of less than 5 percent.
The most expensive weddings were held in Delft on Sunday. Average prices here are set at around 2,139 euros. This rate is exactly 14 times higher than Noord-Beveland, where the wedding hall prices are the cheapest.
In the study, 345 counties of the Netherlands were examined.


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