Dutch residents want May 5 to be a public holiday



Residents of the Netherlands demand that Independence Day, celebrated on May 5, be a public holiday. According to the survey conducted by Hart van Nederland, 83 percent of 3,900 respondents think May 5th should be a holiday for everyone.

There are two national holidays in the Netherlands, King’s Day and Independence Day. Celebrated on April 27, King’s Day is also a public holiday for many. On the other hand, Independence Day is celebrated as a public holiday only every 5 years.

One of the respondents said, “Liberation Day should be a public holiday every year besides being a national holiday. Freedom is something to be celebrated,” he said.

Whether or not today is a holiday for employees is determined according to the agreement reached with the collective bargaining agreement. Those who work in critical sectors such as health, public transport or safety need to work today.


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