82 people detained for smuggling weapons from the Netherlands to Poland



Police caught the gang smuggling weapons from the Netherlands to Poland via mail order. 82 suspects were detained in the raid, including the European Police Service Europol. 

The raid was held on April 25. 81 of the suspects are from Poland; one was detained in the Netherlands. While some areas were searched in Beverwijk and Heemskerk, about 300 locations were raided in Poland. Police seized more than 250 weapons. 

As a result of the investigation, which has been continuing since August 2020, it was learned that the suspects of Polish origin belonged to the same family and resided in the Netherlands. It turned out that his family members bought weapons from all over Europe, stored them in the Netherlands and sent them to Poland when necessary. 

It was determined that the guns were sold online to trusted customers under the name ‘antique’ or ‘disabled’ in Poland. The gang sold hundreds of weapons with this method. 


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