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BROTHELS in amsterdam

As many of you know, prostitution is legal in Amsterdam and the Red Light District, where this business takes place , is very popular around the world and is one of the most touristic centers of Amsterdam . Visitors to the Red Light District for touristic purposes always make up the majority, but there are probably some who want to come here as customers. In the Red Light District, getting service from prostitutes in red-light shop windows along the streets is actually the lowest level part of this job. There are other places frequented by tourists and Amsterdam residents seeking quality in service.

Small brothels, called ‘Privéhuis’ in Dutch, are the most common places where prostitution takes place. These brothels are especially suitable for those who are interested in this subject but do not want to be seen with prostitutes in the middle of the street in the crowd of tourists.
These brothels , unlike sex clubs , are mostly real apartments that do not have sections such as open bars. Privacy, comfort is essential here, and the service is only slightly more expensive than the Red Light District.


Apart from big squares and historical places, they are mostly located in neighborhoods where living spaces are located. They do not have many signs to show themselves from the outside. It is next to impossible for passers-by to find and enter a Privéhuis, except for those who come knowing the address. When you knock on the door, a hostess usually greets you and directs you to a room where you will wait alone. Since the primary feature of the service is privacy, it is tried to prevent customers from seeing each other as much as possible. There is no such concern in sex clubs.

Kimi privéhuis has a menu card listing their services and prices. If found, it will be presented to you immediately after you move into your waiting room. After your hostess explains to her the service you expect, she sends women to your room one by one who can provide this service. Women introduce themselves and try to get your attention. An average of 5 to 10 women work in a privéhuis. The availability of employees will of course vary depending on what day and time you visit. When meeting women, you should write the name of the one you like in your mind because right after the meeting, the stewardess will come back to ask you about your preference. If you don’t like any of them, you are free to leave without paying anything. However, if you like someone, just tell the hostess their name to get service.

The room you will go with your choice must have a private shower or bathtub. Rooms with bathtubs are often more expensive.

The majority of customers benefit from this service for one hour. (Beginners are recommended to take half an hour due to the uneasiness they will experience) In case the time expires, if you want to continue, the time can be extended by mutual agreement. Usually there is no problem as long as you make the payment. Close to the timeout you are politely notified and asked if you want to continue anyway.

At the end of the period, the area you will exit is cleared of other customers and you secretly leave Privéhuis.


It may come as a surprise to know that some privéhuis are actually cheaper than the Red Light District, despite their service and cleanliness pluses. A 15-minute service in the Red Light District costs 50€. In contrast, an average privéhuista pays 80€ for an hour of service and 55€ for half an hour.

It is not obligatory to tip prostitutes, but experts are of the opinion that the tip to be given in advance will greatly affect the quality of the service.

Berry moved to the Netherlands for her art studies. She is living in Amsterdam for 16 years. You can see her in Amsterdam streets with her fancy pink bike. She is a professional photographer and blog journal lover.

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Best outdoor pools in Amsterdam



Best outdoor pools in Amsterdam

Fancy a refreshing dive? Looking for some refreshment? Or ready for some exercise? From May you can go everywhere again at these outdoor pools in Amsterdam. We’ve collected the best outdoor pools for you, from Amsterdam East to Amsterdam West and the beautiful Noorderparkbad. Spring is in the air, so get ready for a nice swim and splash in one of these beautiful outdoor pools in Amsterdam. Are you not from Amsterdam? 

Best outdoor pools in Amsterdam

1. Brediusbad

The Brediusbad is an outdoor swimming pool in Amsterdam West. It is a heated outdoor swimming pool and is located in a quiet and green area on the edge of the Spaarndammerbuurt. The pool has a deep pool for certified swimmers, a shallow pool for children and a separate paddling pool with fountain. There are covered changing rooms, heated showers and (small) lockers.

Open from May 1 to September 1.

Spaarndammerdijk 306, Amsterdam

2. Flevoparkbad

The Flevoparkbad is a heated outdoor pool in the Flevopark in Amsterdam East. Here you will find a 50-metre pool for swimming laps, a recreational pool with a play island and a children’s pool. The complex is located in the middle of nature and is equipped with sunbathing areas and play equipment.

Open from late April to early September.
Insulindeweg 1002, Amsterdam

3. Noorderparkbad

The Noorderparkbad is an outdoor swimming pool in Amsterdam North, located on the edge of the Noorderpark. The swimming pool includes both an indoor part (indoor pool) and an outdoor area with swimming pools (outdoor pool). After forty years, the Noorderparkbad is the successor to the Floraparkbad, which stood next to it, and is the most sustainable swimming pool in our country. The swimming pool has won several prizes in the field of architecture, including the jury and public prize of the Amsterdam Architecture Prize in 2016.

In contrast to most outdoor pools, the Noorderparkbad also offers outdoor swimming in winter. The water is normally heated to a temperature of 18 to 21 degrees Celsius. During night frost, the bath can be just below that temperature, especially in the morning. That’s nice to wake up to!

Snowballweg 5, Amsterdam

4. Sloterparkbad

The Sloterparkbad is one of the largest swimming accommodations in the Netherlands. It is located on the Sloterpark and includes a 50-metre competition pool, a jumping pool, a target group pool and a recreational pool. And then you can also swim in the outdoor area. On the outside area of ​​approximately three hectares is a competition pool with a size of 25×15 meters and a depth of 1.40 meters. There is also a circular paddling pool with an area of ​​approximately 25m². The pool water of the outdoor pools is heated and, depending on the outside temperature, between 19°C and 21°C. On the sunbathing lawn you have a wonderful view of the Sloterplas and the two islands in the natural water.

The outdoor pool is expected to be open from May 1 to September 1.
press. Allendelaan 3, Amsterdam

5. Amstelbad

The Amstelbad in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel has three different baths; the paddling pool, the semi-deep bath and the deep bath, where you can splash to your heart’s content in the summer. And besides taking a refreshing dip, you can also jump on the trampoline, play miniature golf, beach volleyball, table tennis and football. The ideal outdoor pool in Amsterdam for a day out with the family!

Check out the website for the opening hours for 2022.
Alderman Koolhaasweg 10, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

6. Mercatorbad

The Mercatorbad is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool in Amsterdam-West. There is also a gym located in the same building. Outside there is a 50 meter pool and a children’s play pool. Both are located on a beautiful sloping lawn where you can relax in the summer in the sun or in the shade of beautiful tall trees.

The outdoor pool is expected to be open from May 1 to September 1.
Jan van Galenstraat 315, Amsterdam

Swim laps? This is what it does for your body if you swim every week.

7. The Mirandabad

The De Mirandabad (yes, that’s how you say it!) is best known for its subtropical wave pool with a glass dome and palm trees. There is also a modern 25-metre pool with all-round views of the garden. The outdoor accommodation consists of a paddling pool, a large shallow outdoor pool for children and a 50-metre pool. You can also use the two nearby squash courts all year round.

The De Mirandabad is also open in winter. Carry on with the Wim Hof ​​method!
The Mirandalaan 9, Amsterdam

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Vibrating Seats and Water Cannons: 5D Porn Cinema



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The ‘5D Porn Cinema’, which will give people an interesting experience in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District, has been opened. For details and more, follow to our content…

5-dimensional porn cinema was opened in the famous Red Light District (Red Light District) in Amsterdam.

What happens in the movie will progress in a way that viewers can feel while sitting in their seats. Seats will vibrate, pressurized water will be given, and if there is a wind effect in the movie, this will be reflected to the audience.

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Customers will be able to hear, feel and see.

What the owner of the cinema wants to do is take the experience to the next level, instead of people just sitting at home and watching porn alone.

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While the image is projected to the screen in 3D, the seats will move, and the audience will feel like they are inside the movie with special effects.

In order to better convey the action going on on stage to the audience, the seats are designed to sway and vibrate.

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The film to be screened tells the sexy and funny story of a man visiting Amsterdam.

Natalie, owner of the 5D Porn Cinema, where the movie produced in collaboration with porn star Kim Holland will be screened, says: ‘The movie is about the sexy and funny story of a man who visits Amsterdam’s Red Light District. For example, the man visits one of Amsterdam’s famous bars and makes love in a bubble bath. But the movie is extremely humorous. So it’s not just about sex.’ 

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Those who want to experience this interesting experience pay 12.50 euros for a single ticket.

Natalie says the show isn’t just for tourists, but people can come and have a lot of fun with their partners: ‘Come with your partner, laugh, try something new.’ 

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Amsterdam gaming venues and board game places



Amsterdam gaming venues and board game places

Gaming venues and board game bar and cafes are very popular in Amsterdam. It’s the best alternative way to have fun with indoor activities. We prepared a quick list for board gaming houses and different bars that you can play funny games with friends.

Our quick picks includes a variety of places, from cafes with board games to large gaming venues.

aloha amsterdam mini golf

Amsterdam gaming venues

– TonTonClub (Westerpark): arcade and also a nice place.
– Mooie Boules (Oost and Noord): this location has a Jeu de Boules playground.
– Chez Mine (Bos & Lommer): Pizza & Wine bar but also has table tennis, foosball, darts and board games.
– Pool- en snookerclub Final Touch (Center): A place with pool tables and also board games.
– 2 Klaveren (Oud-West): An old-style Dutch cafe. There are lots of board games.
– Aloha (Center): Bowling, minigolf, lasergame and more.
– Schaakcafé Het Hok (Center): An old cafe that has existed since 1972, with chess and backgammon tables.
– Café Bosco (Oud-West): this beautiful cafe has a lot of board games in the cupboard.
– Bar Joost (Oost): A neighborhood bar of the Oost district. There are board games.
– The Poolbar (Center): A place with pool tables and also board games.
– Festina Lente (Center): A sweet place where board games are played.
– Poolcafe Plan B (Oud-West): Here you can play table tennis and darts as well as billiards.
– Club 8 (West): The biggest billiard room in Amsterdam.
– Chin Chin Club (Center): Table tennis is played, there is also a karaoke place and people come to dance late at night.
– Ping Pong Parck (Oud-West): Come here to play table tennis and ‘beerpong’.
– Club Puck (West): arcade and also a nice venue.
– Floor 17 – Curlingbaan (West): In winter, you can find Amsterdam’s highest curling rink on the roof terrace of Floor17. The rooftop bar is enjoyable in summer.
– Cafe de Wetering (Center): A cafe with games such as risk, wordplay and chess.
– Knijn Bowling & Restaurant (Zuid): Come for bowling, discobowling is also available on Thursdays.
– Gollem aan het Water (Oost): The place has board games and is also a nice beer bar.

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